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J. Salmon
Argentine Tangos
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A Tanguera's Valentine

by J. Salmon
February 6, 2003
Title: A Tanguera's Valentine

Author: J. Salmon

Date: 2/6/2003

I leave the milonga
at 2am
I swear to myself
I won't come here again
I said it before
I'll say it once more
I don't excite you
or delight you
we've danced before
but now you ignore
me and look into
her eyes and I
try to pretend
it doesn't matter
I loved before
I'll love again
the only question
is where and when
I sit at the bar
and make idle chatter
my chin in my hand
I joke and flatter
and in the air
one feels despair
toss back your head
you haven't a care
to love and be loved
how more rare
than the dream dance
you dream of
the partner you scheme
of seducing
look around and see
and please, please
look at me
what will happen
who can say
you'll stay forever
or run away
if you don't soon
come over
I'll know
it's all over
and head for the door
it's 2am
I won't come here again
I've said it before
I'll say it again

by J. Salmon
copywrite J. Salmon. All Rights Reserved.

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