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A Review of "Three to Tango"

by Robert Abrams
November 24, 2000

A Review of "Three to Tango"

Robert Abrams


"Three to Tango" stars that guy from Friends, that guy from The Practice, and an attractive woman who I am sure I have seen in something before. The run down on this movie, from a dance perspective, is pretty simple: the film has nothing to do with Tango. In its defense, there is one Argentine Tango tune playing in one scene. There are about two energentic Swing numbers (mostly Lindy), plenty of Swing music, and one scene where the main characters dance (Clutch and Sway, but I will be generous and count it).

I thought the movie, despite its lack of dance numbers, to be quite charming. Worth renting. It would be great if they would release a director's cut with more dancing and more glass blowing, but since that is unlikely to happen, consider renting the current version anyway.

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