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Cynthia Nixon rides the M96 Bus

by Robert Abrams
May 16, 2006
New York, NY
I was riding the M96 bus heading West today around 4:30 PM. As I was getting off on Broadway, I noticed that Cynthia Nixon (Warm Springs, Sex and the City, etc.) was sitting at the back of the bus. She looked like she was about to get off the bus too. In true New York City fashion, no one was bothering her; just letting her live a normal life.

What does this have to do with dance? Pretty much nothing, except that I think she does really good work as an actress and should find a role that involves dancing. Except that the one other time I saw her in person, I was taking a Salsa group class with Anya at Dance New York. I think we were working on shines. Ms. Nixon came into the class when it had already started. She sat there observing for about 15 minutes and then left. She may have been preparing for a role and needed to soak up some dance studio atmosphere. (I saw her in "Rabbit Hole", a play at the Manhattan Theater Club, and she was quite good in that too, but that doesn't count as seeing her in person. She was recently nominated for a Tony for her work in this play, so I am not the only person who likes her acting. Be warned that it deals with difficult subject matter, but it is definitely worth seeing.)

If this hasn't filled your 'Apropos of Nothing' quotient for the day, try this marginally dance related can of orange soda I found in London.
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