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Vanessa Vogel
Performance Reviews
The Joyce Theater

A review of Savion Glover's Visions of a Bible, performed at the Joyce Theater

by Vanessa Vogel
January 5, 2006
The Joyce Theater
175 Eighth Avenue (at the corner of 19th Street)
New York, NY 10011

A review of Savion Glover's Visions of a Bible, performed at the Joyce Theater

The Joyce Theatre
175 8th Avenue at 19th street
New York, NY
JoyceCharge 212-242-0800
Savion Glover will be performing at the Joyce through January 15, 2006

Vanessa Vogel
January 5, 2006

The performance started slowly- small, quiet taps by Savion Glover, accompanied by the soulful, crisp voice of Lori Ann Hunter singing gospel. At this point we get to see the performers clearly as they start getting warmed up. Savion is only giving us a hint of that magic he is world-famous for.

But then suddenly there's some little jumps and the footwork gets a little fancier as the singing commences with greater speed and more urgency. It's working, Savion's tap dancing is able to accompany Lori's gospel singing as they start off at a leisurely pace and slowly build up to a higher frequency.

However for me the real exhilarating, foot-stomping excitement came once the four-band member of the group The Otherz, took up their instruments and let their fingers fly. The smooth yet pumping style of musicians Tommy James, Patience Higgins, Andy McCloud, and Brian Grice brought out the impassioned, wild side of Savion.

When the performance ended I was left wanting more. The entire show lasted approximately one hour. The pinnacle of the evening occurred at some point during the second half and the pace held steady at a booming, rapid rate.

Not only were the eyes indulged as the audience watched the satisfied smiles and joyous displays of talent but the unmistakable sounds from the soles of Savion's tap dancing boots resounded most strongly of all the instruments. The personal stage on which Savion danced clearly receives high marks for good craftsmanship and durability!

The show obviously pleased the crowd as evident by the long cheers and clapping at the end. I'm sure we all would have liked to see more but to be fair, how long can we expect one man to dance his heart out without a break?

Savion Glover
Photo courtesy of Noelle Reifel/Getty Images

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