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Robert Abrams
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Choreograph Thomas Edison v. Amelia Earhart

by Robert Abrams
November 7, 2006
When I went to vote in this year's general election, I was handed a sheet of paper with instructions on how to mark my ballot. The example used was an election for public office where the two candidates were Thomas Edison and Amelia Earhart. If you are looking for a crazy idea upon which to choreograph your next dance, create a dance in which Thomas Edison and Emelia Earhart are running against each other. You pick the office: attorney general, president, what ever. Bonus points if you have them running for comptroller and manage to make it exciting. I know it sounds a little out there, but there has been a full length opera-dance about Nikola Tesla, so why not?

Speaking of elections, I happen to know that Bob Corker, the Senator from Tennessee, featured line dancing at his campaign headquarters on election night. If you know of any other candidates whose run for office led to an excuse to host a dance party, let me know.
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