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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Music Reviews
Argentine Tangos
The Argentine Consulate of New York
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Tango and Beyond - Music at the Argentine Consulate featuring Daniel Binelli, Polly Ferman and Juan Lazaro Mendolas

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 8, 2002
The Argentine Consulate of New York
12 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019

About the Author:

Tango and Beyond - Music at the Argentine Consulate featuring Daniel Binelli, Polly Ferman and Juan Lazaro Mendolas

Daniel Binelli on Bandoneón

Polly Ferman on Piano

Guest Artist Juan Lazaro Mendolas on Quena

Performed at The Argentine Consulate
12 West 56th Street, NY, NY 10019

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 8, 2002



COBIAN- CADICAMO - Los Mareados (Binelli)

ANIBAL TROILO - La Ultima Curda (Binelli)

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA - Triunfal (Binelli)

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA - Chiquilin de Bachin (Binelli, Mendolas,)

GUSTAVO LEGUIZAMON - Zamba de Don Juan Panadero, arr. Lilian Saba (Ferman, Mendolas)

ANIBAL TROILO - La Trampera (Ferman, Mendolas)

IGOR STRAVINSKY - Tango (Ferman)

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA - Oblivion (Ferman)

HORACIO SALGAN - A Don Agustin Bardi (Ferman)


ASTOR PIAZZOLLA - Verano Porteno (Binelli, Ferman)

DANIEL BINELLI - Imagenes (Binelli, Ferman)

Grand Tango

ALBERTO GINASTERA - Argentine Dances (Binelli, Ferman)
Dance of the old cowherd
Dance of the graceful wench
Dance of the shrewd gaucho

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA - Allegro Tangabile (Binelli, Ferman)

DANIEL BINELLI - Al Pintor Aldo Severi (Binelli, Ferman)

I first met this amazing duo last winter, also at the Argentine Consulate, and I was so moved by their interpretations of Astor Piazzolla, by the potent and wild compositions of Argentinean Daniel Binelli, by the intense sophistication and sharp communication between Binelli and his captivating and eloquent partner, pianist, Uruguayan Polly Ferman, that I immediately purchased their CD, Imagenes, and continued to capture those rare concert moments in the privacy of my living room or my Volvo. On the second hearing of Imagenes, as well as the comprehensive repertoire, listed above, I was, if possible, even more impressed with the sheer physicality and bravura of the performances, especially with the brilliant addition of Juan Lazaro Mendolas, on Quena, which is a wooden flute, and, when expertly played by Mendolas, achieves the effect of listening to a canary in the forest. Impossible as it may seem, these three superbly talented musicians played solos and duos in interchanging fashion, with a different instrument expressing the theme in each piece.

Daniel Binelli is a world-renowned bandoneónist and composer, who once toured with Astor Piazzolla and his New Tango Sextet. He has recorded over 30 CD's related to tango music and originally made his debut with Osvaldo Pugliese's Orchestra in 1968, with whom he worked for 14 years. Polly Ferman is also an internationally known pianist, trained in classical repertoire. She is a leading interpreter of the music of the Americas and has recorded extensively. Juan Lazaro Mendolas is Bolivian born, but lived for many years in Mendoza, Argentina. He creates and develops improvisational music, reminiscent of indigenous music of the Andes.

Binelli, on solo bandoneón, fills the grandly appointed Consulate Auditorium with passion and pathos, the emotions of Tango, with a slightly dissonant and extremely fascinating sound. His endings are crisp and percussive. He opens to full length, over his bent knee, the entire Bandoneon, to give the listener a fully satisfying sensation. This is a musician of emotional depth, an extraordinary capacity to draw the audience in and suspend them in the moment of musical passion. Ferman, in duos, compliments either Binelli or Mendolas, and, in solos, captivates the audience with her poise, her own passion, and her serious, professional style, which is interchangeable with her engaging commentary and humor. My favorite Piazzolla piece, Oblivion, of which I have several interpretations, including Gidon Kremer, on violin (See Kremer Review), so moved the audience, that we found ourselves stretched toward the brilliantly black lacquered Yamaha, as if the umbilical cord of Tango tightly transported us to another time, another place. Mendolas, on Quena, as a canary, or as a satyr in romantic art, was a perfect compliment to either Binelli or Ferman, in his totally confident and connected demeanor.

Encores were enthusiastically received, as was the Wine Reception. Photos of Binelli and Ferman, as well as photos of the Reception and of the traveling Deputy Consuls General at dinner and at a Milonga, follow.

November 8, 2002, Following the Performance

Polly Ferman and Daniel Binelli

Polly Ferman and Daniel Binelli

Reception at the Argentine Consulate after the Binelli and Ferman Concert

Daniel Binelli

Deputy Consul General Adolfo Escobar

Deputy Consul General Luis Pablo Maria Beltramino and Guests

Polly Ferman



Daniel Binelli and Guests

Juan Lazaro Mendolas

Juan Lazaro Mendolas


Deputy Consul General Hebe N. Pongelli

DCG Pongelli, DCG Escobar, Roberta Zlokower

Polly Ferman, DCG Pongelli, DCG Beltramino, Juan Lazaro Mendolas

Daniel Binelli and Guests

Daniel Binelli

The Musicians, Press, and Deputy Consuls General Dine at Mammalinda Restaurant 212.582.0010, 344 West 52nd Street, between 8th and 9th, NYC.

Daniel Binelli and Juan Lazaro Mendolas

DCG Escobar, DCG Pongelli, DCG Beltramino

Roberta Zlokower and DCG Escobar

Youthful Exuberance

The Party Continues at La Belle Epoque Milonga 212.924.1187, Fridays, 827 Broadway, between 12th and 13th Streets, NYC.

Polly Ferman and Daniel Binelli Dancing

Maurizio Najt (pianist) and DCG Escobar

Rodolfo Windhausen (ExploreDance.com author) and Elena

DCG Escobar and Roberta Zlokower

Yiao, a Professor and Tanguero, joins the Party

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