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Swingtime in the Rockies

by Robert Abrams
August 9, 2003
Denver, CO

Swingtime in the Rockies

Robert Abrams
August 9, 2003

If you are a Westie, Swingtime in the Rockies in Denver is about has close as you can come to heaven. I happened to be in Denver and was looking for somewhere to dance. I went on the web to try and find some swing dancing and discovered that I had coincidentally flown into town during a Swing comp.

I had been to a Swing comp once before, so I thought I knew what to expect: kind of laid back, workshops during the day, the occasional competitive heat at night with the emphasis on lots of general dancing. (In contrast to ballroom comps which usually feature few if any workshops, relatively little general dancing and non-stop competitive heats from morning to night, sometimes on two floors at once.) Swingtime in the Rockies was what I expected in a Swing comp, and then some. It managed to combine laid back in an elegant setting. There was, as I had hoped, ample general dancing, most of which was West Coast Swing. There was also a separate room for Lindy Hop. The attendees ranged in age and ability - all of them were having a great time. There were even a few people I knew from New York, including Ligaya Fish who often dances at Jack Rose, and Angel and Debbie Figueroa, formerly of Stepping Out Studios.

The evening's competitive heats included a Masters Jack and Jill, a Classic Swing, and an invitational professional Jack and Jill. Each heat featured a solo dance for each couple, followed by an all-skate. In the invitational Jack and Jill's all-skate, the professionals were asked to dance with a member of the audience. This was unexpected but well-received (kind of like Batsheva). All of the dancers were confident and entertaining. They all held their own alone on the floor.

Saturday midnight brought a generous breakfast buffet, followed by another five hours of dancing. I stayed until 2 am. I kept saying to myself, "I need to get some sleep", and then another great song would come on and I would feel reenergized.

I eventually dragged myself away. The event directors, Pat Whiteley and Beverly Thomas, organized a great comp. Next year I intend to attend Swingtime in the Rockies on purpose.

For more information go to www.denverswing.com or call 303-480-1655.

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