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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Argentine Tangos
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Susana Miller Workshop

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 29, 2002
New York, NY

About the Author:

Susana Miller Workshop


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 30, 2002

The following series of photos and quotes refer to the amazing Argentine Tango teacher and performer, Susana Miller, who has been wisely sponsored in Tango choreography and technique by Reba Perez of Empire Dance. Susana is a world-renowned teacher of the "Milonguero" style of Tango, which is danced in the Clubs of Buenos Aires. Limited space on the dance floors of Buenos Aires encourage the "Close Embrace" style of dancing, which automatically creates a chemical connection between the partners. Clarin, the Buenos Aires newspaper, has named Susana Miller as a major influence on contemporary Tango.

The photos were taken at a Workshop in "Women: Balance, Boleos, Footplay!" on Monday, July 29, 2002. Susana is highly articulate and yet totally feminine and sensual, in her Tango philosophy and technique. Susana led the class of mostly women (plus one male student, a former Ballet Dancer, and Robin, a teacher at Empire) through Tango walks across the floor, posture exercises, balancing skills, and emotional readiness for this most passionate of partner dances. Susana also offered, through Empire Dance, private and group lessons, as well as couples classes. I truly look forward to Susana's return to New York.

Kudos to Reba Perez for having the foresight to sponsor Susana Miller.

Quotes from the Susana Miller Workshop, July 29, 2002

Susana Miller, leading the class of mostly women in "Women: Balance, Boleos, Footplay!"

Show yourself! Show your energy! Connection is important! Caress the floor!

Vamos chicas! Embellishments can come later; Play with your feet.

Feel my energy coming from there (ribs). We are active here.

Chicas! Esso! Que linda! Que bella!

Walk, move back from your torso.

(In a series of walks, Susana checks posture, form, flexibility, poise, emotion, position, and techniques).

Don't pivot unless led to a pivot.

Move back; know where your foot goes; feel my shoulder; it has to be over your foot.

Recognize where he is. I lose my self-consciousness.

You are not the only follower. The man is a follower.

The less I worry, the lighter I am.

Be in a state of giving yourself to the Milonguero.

If you like him, be happy, and you will be there.

I design with my metatarsal. Relax these toes. Put these toes to sleep.

Integrate Tango to your life. I like people, who have more happiness from Tango.

Quotes from Dr. Steve Rudin, a Tanguero, about:
Tango and about his private lesson with Susana Miller:

Tango embraces life and joy and passion. It takes all those feelings of myself, so I could offer the fullness of my dance.

Susana Miller is extremely perceptive, where hesitancy occurs.

She is very clear, where the spirit is lacking.

When she removes one small block, a whole cascade of possibilities open up.

She's very beautiful, and lot's of fun. She's sensual and passionate.

It was a wonderful experience.

My teacher and friend is the wonderful Tioma Maloratsky.

For more information about Empire Dance, see:

www.EmpireDance.com and our Inside Perspective about Empire Dance. Empire Dance is located at 127 W. 25th St.

Photos by Roberta Zlokower

Susana demonstrates energy from the torso

Tango walk

The class observes

Steve Rudin videotapes the workshop

Walking forward

Susana demonstrates physical connection

Walking backwards

Susana leads

Robin leads

Susana demonstrates posture and balance

Surrounding the partner

Robin demonstrates close embrace

Susana demonstrates close embrace

Reba and Susana

Susana says goodbye

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