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Patricia Dates O'Brien
Ask Trish

Summertime New Product Review!; SnapShot: Trish, make-up artist extraordinaire, in action.

by Patricia Dates O'Brien
June 1, 2002

Ask Trish - June 2002

Summertime New Product Review!

Dear Trish—

It's summertime and I'm in a makeup rut! Every weekend my partner and I are competing in a different city, and all I can think about is heading for the beach. Sure, my costumes are skimpy enough to wear in a pool, but the spackle on my face is a dead giveaway that I am not anywhere near the ocean….Please tell me about some new and exciting makeup products, so I can at least get pumped about putting my game face on!

    —Wishing for Waikiki

Dear Waikiki—

While I am afraid of the "spackle" on your face (and afraid for your partner, too), I'm just gonna gloss right over that and get to the good stuff! I put in some quality time with my good friend, Sephora, and came up with some products that might help you get your face, at least, dreaming of the beach…..

Monoi De Tahiti Fragrant Body Spray is a delicious and exotic fragrance that reminds me of pina coladas and my favorite orange sarong….the one I left in a hotel in the Bahamas…anyway, the scent is comprised of tiare flowers and coconut oil, and gives your skin a subtle sheen, without being too greasy. ($10.95, www.yrbeauty.com.)

Monoi De Tahiti Fragrant Body Spray

Fix Mascara Waterproofing Seal, by Clarins, is the first waterproofing sealant for mascaras—meaning you can wear your favorite mascara, brush this product over it, and voila! your lashes are instantly waterproofed. "Fix" gives your own mascara a little extra shine, too, because of the wax-based formula. Bonus: you can also use it to shape and gloss your eyebrows. And it comes off easily with any eye makeup remover. (about $13, www.clarins.com.)

Lip Venom by DuWop—Here's a great clear lip gloss, not too sticky, with an added kick: essences of cinnamon, ginger, wintergreen, menthol and vanilla to not only shine your lips but make them feel spicy and tingly. Lip Venom "enhances your lip's natural color by increasing circulation to the area…the result is shiny, bee-stung lips that cannot be achieved by wearing lipstick." The real scoop? While my "bee-stung" lips did not exactly resemble Pamela Anderson's, they did feel a little bit fuller, they tasted great, and heck, its cheaper than collagen…($13.99, www.duwoponline.com.)

Lip Venom

I didn't find my favorite summertime facial cleanser, Velocity, in Sephora, but in a gift bag from Mary Kay cosmetics (remember them??) Velocity is a light exfoliating scrub, not oily at all, and best of all, smells like the great outdoors with its essences of clementine, banana flower, and "tart mangosteen" (I don't know, go ask someone!) All I know is it leaves me freshfaced and longing for ocean breezes….($10, www.marykay.com, or contact your local Mary Kay representative.)


Patricia Dates O'Brien is a Dancesport competitor and certified fitness instructor in NYC and Sarasota, FL. Email any questions or comments to: TrishDatesOBrien@aol.com.

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