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Robert Abrams
Performance Reviews
Kaye Playhouse
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Rock 'N Soul: Dance Times Square Fall Student Showcase

by Robert Abrams
October 22, 2007
Kaye Playhouse
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 772-4448
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Nearly every dance studio offers student showcases performed at the studio. Dance Times Square offers their student showcase in a real theatre.

The show had very clean production values. By this I mean that while the set wasn't as elaborate as one on Broadway, what was there looked like some effort had been put into it. The set, which consisted of two silver, square arches shaped like musical notes, did a good job of framing the dancing.

Elaine Warshaw danced a waltz with umbrellas. She was very poised, with finished movements. I should be dancing so well at that age.

Robyn Griffin danced a jive with good energy.

Austin and Liza danced a waltz that was very smooth. Their frame was very stable.

Erika Tullberg danced a cha-cha with good chemistry and good extension on her kicks.

Joe Gregorio danced a medley that included a nice grapevine, and good use of slow and fast sections.

Jose and Joanna danced a swing with an excellent attack. The other dancers were good, but their attack was on another level. They were unrelenting. Rapid movements were punctuated by moments of stillness that seemed to linger.

Caralee Ross danced a cha-cha that was dripping with attitude, in a good way. She had great expressions.

Elise Gainer danced a rumba with passion.

Michael and Rebecca danced a foxtrot. They rolled like waves.

Nazarie Salcedo danced a playful west coast swing. Each step was assured but loose.

Michelle Collier dance a jive with infectious enthusiasm. She and her partner played with expected roles, such as by having the woman perform a lift.

Austin and Liza danced a very cool rumba.

Judythe Pinto danced a cha-cha like a smiling cat.

Joe Caruso danced a cha-cha with a nice lead.

Jacob and Tessa danced a samba that was smooth as butter, with an even consistency. Their dance was a mix of cool and warm.

Erika Tullberg danced a medley that included nice kicks and moments of inspiration, such as when she rolled across her partner's back.

Christine Cox danced a jive. Both she and her partner were completely on.

Fred and Lauren danced a cha-cha where every step moved with intention.

Susan Washburn danced a modern ballroom in bare feet. She had nicely pointed feet. The choreography made good use of the vertical dimension.

David Sweet danced a swing with nice timing and good use of shadow position.

Cheryl Heaton danced a jive with high energy that kept on rolling.

Leanne Bowman danced a jive with great flexibility and kicks.

Fred and Lauren danced a rumba with a beautiful final dip.

Arielle Lapiano danced a jive with enthusiastic kicks.

Austin and Liza danced a jive. Both dancers take the stage with authority.

Jose and Joanna danced a great cha-cha. Joanna's costume had enough feathers for a showgirl. Their dancing was the sort of spectacular that people go to Las Vegas to see. Why go there when you can see them here?

Elaine Warshaw closed the show with a jive. She was full of character in a pink poodle skirt. She makes you want to dance, with a flourish.

During the bows, the audience was enthusiastic with their applause. The dancers deserved every clap.

For more information on the studio or their future showcases, visit their website, at www.dancetimessquare.com, or call 212-994-9500.
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