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Robert Abrams

Reflections on Swans and Swan Biology in Ballet

by Robert Abrams
March 22, 2008
According to a recent article ("In Most Species, Faithfulness Is a Fantasy", Natalie Angier, New York Times 03/18/2008 p. F1), it is commonly assumed that swans are very faithful to their partners, but research by Dr. David P. Barash of the University of Washington in Seattle shows that this is not as true as people once thought.

Swans are very important to Ballet. They are often portrayed in a fairy tale type of setting, in which their graceful movements are mimicked, but there is not necessarily an attempt made to reflect real swan behavior patterns.

It could be very interesting to see a ballet that was grounded in the latest data about swan behavior. En pointe and foot notes: that I might see twice.

For more ballet swans, see our still photography ballet "The Flight of the Swan" with photographs by Lisa Allen (www.TreeHousePhotography.com).
Deanna McBrearty dances <a href='http://www.exploredance.com/fashion021404.php'>The Flight of the Swan</a> <a href='http://www.exploredance.org/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=257&category_id=64'>Image also available as a greeting card.</a>

Deanna McBrearty dances The Flight of the Swan
Image also available as a greeting card.

Photo © & courtesy of Lisa Allen

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