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Mindy Aloff
Wedding Dances
United States
New Jersey
Washington Township, NJ

Robert and Sima Abrams - Wedding Interviews

by Mindy Aloff
November 5, 2008
644 Pascack Road
Washington Township, NJ 07676
The Wedding of Robert Abrams and Sima Shapiro
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About the wedding biography concept

Editor's note: I wanted to make sure the voices of key wedding participants were included, so after completing the wedding biography, Mindy conducted a series of interviews. Due to logistical issues beyond anyone's control, some of these interviews were conducted well after the wedding, which is why references are made to my daughter, Sarah Judith Abrams, who was born on September 11, 2008.
Dancing Genes:
Meredith Meegan, Robert's Sister

"I don't share the dancing gene with Robert, I dance only when I have to! I think he's a phenomenal dancer — deeply, deeply passionate about dancing. He's committed to furthering it for other people. He's also met some fascinating, interesting people through it."

"Sima is passionate about singing. She has a beautiful voice. I've been really taken with how much, as a couple, they support each other's passions."

"The wedding was warm, it was fun (once I gave my toast!), and, obviously, a lot of work went into it. I've been to many weddings: theirs was one of the best."

"And I love my sweet little niece, Sarah."

Room to Dance:
Manny and Barbara Shapiro, Sima's Parents

Manny: "We have always been extremely proud of Sima. She is highly accomplished. One of her most cherished hobbies is singing. We are thrilled that she met Robert, who loves listening to her voice and in return, shares one of his many accomplishments with her – his dancing."

Barbara: "There are other ways they seem to be a great match. Sima is incredibly bright and when she told us that Robert was the smartest man she'd met, we knew they'd have a good chance for a great match. When we met Robert, we realized Sima forgot to mention that Robert was also handsome and had a great sense of humor – all in all a real mensch."

Manny: "Although we knew Jesse, Danielle and Zac would never miss Sima and Robert's wedding, we were touched that Jesse's in-laws also traveled from Los Angeles to attend."

Manny: "In planning the wedding, Robert's passion for dance played an important part in choosing Seasons for the wedding. We knew that Seasons was popular due to its plentiful and delicious food. But for Robert, it was the spaciousness of its dance area that sealed the deal. The size of the dance floor allowed for a great night of dancing and fun for everyone."

Barbara: "The large dance area was only part of the reason so many people danced during the wedding. Robert and Sima's choice of west coast swing choreographed to Elvis' Fever for their first dance set the stage for a routine that combined cute, sexy and elegant moves. All the guests stood up to clap, cheer and laugh. Once their first dance ended, the guests were not only on their feet, they were inspired to cut their own rugs. We all had more fun than we thought possible."

Gert Winters, Robert's Grandmother

"Robert is a very intelligent, caring, sensitive person. He was not very outgoing until he met Sima. Since he has known her, he has become an entirely different person. He's very happy with her: they suit each other very well. Both are intellectually matched."

"Theirs was a beautiful wedding—the vows they made to each other. The setting was beautiful, and her dress. I couldn't ask for anything more."

"I was thrilled that Bobby—Robert, as Sima calls him—asked me to dance with him during the festivities. It was a great honor to me to dance with him, just a few bars of a waltz, but enough to thrill me."

"I'm 98 years old. I loved dancing, but I was not a dancer. Robert went to dancing class as a child. I remember taking him there. And Sima stepped right up to the plate. She didn't dance at all when she met Robert, but she took dancing lessons. There's a chance that Sarah [, their daughter, born September 11, 2008,] will inherit their intelligence, Robert's interest in dance, and Sima's interest in music."

To Live For:
Robert Abrams Sr., Robert's Father

"I can't say that I remember when Robert started dancing: this whole thing sort of appeared. His mother sent him off to dancing classes; I remember that! And he was more than a little reluctant at the beginning."

"Robert is a multi-faceted person. He has always been a very kind person: that came through very early on. He also has determination: from a very early age, he never let up when he set his mind to do something. He has great intelligence, which he has wisely combined with his other assets."

"Sima's been a great addition in Bob's life. She's really given him something to live for."

"Sarah's beautiful! I love that the marriage has already produced a wonderful granddaughter."

Lori Norian, Sima's Matron of Honor

"My husband and Sima went to the same high school: they're both from Paramus, and she's a couple of years younger. I was probably in college when I met Sima and we've been friends ever since."

"Sima and Robert's wedding was really intimate. Robert's such a good dancer! My husband and I danced at our wedding once, to our one song, 'Grow Old with Me,' and that was it. The photographer said, 'I only got one picture of you dancing!' I said, 'That's what you're going to get!' Sima and Robert are going to have so many wonderful pictures. Sima and Robert were incredible in their dance: that was amazing to watch. Dancing really transforms Robert. He's such a big guy, and he moves with such grace. They were so smooth together. The foresight they had to plan and practice their first dance as husband and wife – it was so beautiful."

"Every time you go to a wedding, you think about the couple getting married. We had met Robert through Sima; they truly bring out each other's best qualities. They really come alive together, and it's so much fun to see. And now, with the baby, in their small New York apartment, they're so much fun to watch together as a family. That girl is going to be so talented, with the brains, the musical qualities, Sima and her voice, Robert and his dance."

"Sima's parents are wonderful, so welcoming. And Robert's sister, Meredith, is so nice. She had only met my daughter Lauren once, and she really reached out to Lauren."

A Very Good Husband:
Josh Karlin, Robert's Best Man

"I've been friends with Bob since the first grade at Trinity School. We were both members of the 12-year club at Trinity: we went through all the grades together. We became close friends in fifth or sixth grade and remained friends ever since."

"I like to dance, although I cannot say that I'm a ballroom dancer. Bob put together a well-rehearsed routine [the wedding dance with Sima]. I thought the wedding was fun."

"Bob introduced Pam, my wife, and me to Sima a few weeks after he met her. They seem really right for each other. I guess my perspective is very much about Bob: he's somebody who would make a very good husband—caring and faithful. He has a sense of humor, and he's a good man. Sima seems like good people, too."

A Beautiful Event:
Jesse Shapiro, Sima's Brother and one of Robert's Groomsmen

"It was a beautiful event and I loved the setting. One wall of the reception room had floor to ceiling windows facing trees outlined in lights and a picturesque waterfall. Further, since the wedding was on a Thursday night before a three day weekend, people were carefree and able to truly enjoy it. Almost all the guests danced the whole night."

"The guests who did not know Robert well were surprised by his graceful dancing. His dancing encouraged others and created an energetic dance floor. Even I danced a bit. Although I am not an accomplished dancer, I enjoy creating music. Recently, I have begun playing trombone for my son, Zac, who loves it. My interest in music allowed me to truly appreciate both the wedding band and Sima and Robert's first dance."

"I am overjoyed that Robert joined our family. Robert and Sima are a wonderful couple. They complement each other, which is a key ingredient to a long-lasting relationship."
Robert and Sima Abrams' first dance

Robert and Sima Abrams' first dance

Photo © & courtesy of Steven Tackeff

Robert and Sima Abrams

Robert and Sima Abrams

Photo © & courtesy of Steven Tackeff

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