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Sarah Hart
Press Releases
Merce Cunningham Dance Company & Studios
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

flowingdancecompany presents the USA premier of "Passage Bleu," by Swiss choreographer Anne-Sophie Fenner (May 23 -24, Manhattan, NY)

by Sarah Hart
May 23, 2009
Merce Cunningham Dance Company & Studios
55 Bethune Street
New York, NY 10014
flowingdancecompany presents
Passage Bleu
a USA premier by Swiss choreographer Anne-Sophie Fenner
May 23 -24, 8 pm, Cunningham Dance Studio
Swiss choreographer Anne-Sophie Fenner and the New York cast of flowingdancecompany, present the World Premier of Passage Bleu, an evening length modern dance work. Poetic and powerful, the choreography journeys among fractured selves to confront perception, relation, change and an universal need to be seen. Held at the renowed Merce Cunningham Studio from May 23 - 24 at 8pm, tickets are $20 General Admission/ $15 Student with valid ID.

Woven together in a novel-like format, Passage Bleu consists of four loosely connected chapters: Eclaircie, Inflorescence, Inside and Passage Bleu, which gives the title. Anne-Sophie Fenner employs her choreography to convey the universal message that we all have more than one voice inside - and how a lifetime passes before full understanding is achieved. But most of all, her dances are about the joy of life, the possibility of change at any time, seeing ourselves in a greater picture of this world and the importance of living in the moment.

About flowingdancecompany/ Anne-Sophie Fenner (AD, Choreographer)

flowingdancecompany is an independent contemporary dance company founded by Anne-Sophie Fenner (Choreographer, Dancer) and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Ms. Fenner moved to New York City in September 2007 to pursue her artistic work. She works with a steady cast of dancers, but also invites new dancers and artists to collaborate with her on original projects.

The more recent repertory created for flowingdancecompany by Ms. Fenner in Zurich continues to be performed by the Swiss company at theaters and in festivals under the management of the company's Rehearsal Director Erwin Schumann and Tour Director Martina Kamm. In Zürich the company had been receiving funding from major art foundations and therefore had been able to secure professional work on all levels in Switzerland. The production of Passage Bleu in New York has been made possible through private sponsoring only.

In New York City Anne-Sophie Fenner started working with a group of dancers in August 2008, introducing her repertoire work and creating new work. Since the inception of a New York City-based branch of her company she has shown excerpts of work at Dumbo Dance Festival (September 2008) and Cool New York Festival (January 2009). The upcoming evening-length show, Passage Bleu, at the Cunningham Studio, May 23-24, includes one repertoire piece and three new works.

Stylistically, Ms. Fenner's work has been described as a mix between Modern Dance and the more 'released' European Contemporary style. Ms. Fenner's work is truly dance at its fullest. Striving always to communicate, this is choreography that does not shy away from an intellectual search and is always grounded in humanity. flowingdancecompany is not afraid to meet an audiences' yearning for aesthetic beauty and emotional connection. What Ms. Fenner is truly interested in is communicating, through the art of dance, to the heart of each person in the audience.

Mission Statement

"I am interested in finding a way how we can - through dance - open our hearts, and go as far as to the bottom of our soul, where we find calmness, against all odds and in the middle of this crazy, loud and fast world. I believe that as long as we are truthful in our movement, the message we want to express will always get across to the world." -Anne-Sophie Fenner

For More Information

For more information please visit www.flowingdancecompany.ch, or to reserve your tickets email info@flowingdancecompany.ch

Dancers: Kesa Huey, Elisa Schreiber, Nicole Stephens, Yayoi Suzuki, Ana Wu, Light Designer: Kate Ashton, Photos: Yi-Chun Wu, Costume Designer for 'Passage Bleu': Katrin Schnabl (Costumes for 'Inflorescence', 'Inside': Fenner/ Sommer, Costumes for 'Eclaircie': Fenner)
flowingdancecompany poster

flowingdancecompany poster

Photo © & courtesy of Unknown

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