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Patricia Dates O'Brien
Ask Trish

Practical advice on traveling with beauty products; Trish's Makeup Pick of the Month

by Patricia Dates O'Brien
September 1, 2001

Ask Trish - September 2001

Practical advice on traveling with beauty products

Dear Ms. Trish—

Usually I only go to competitions that I can drive to—however, since my partner and I are getting better and better results, we have started to go to larger comps across the U.S. Whenever I unpack in the hotel, however, I find that at least one of my containers—facial cleanser, lotion, you name it—has exploded all over the inside of my luggage! Arrgh!! The last time, my Oil Of Olay just narrowly missed my brand new costume. How can I prevent this?

—Loose Liquids in my Luggage

Dear LL—

Stop carrying on, and carry on. Carry all your liquids in your carry-on bag on the plane! The trick is travel size—competitions rarely last more than 5 days, so there's no need to carry full-sized anything. Most of your favorite products come in travel sizes—or, to save money, you can pick up empty plastic travel containers at your local drugstore. Pour your existing products into the containers, and simply refill them each time you travel.

Another trick is to minimize the amount of liquid—for example, instead of facial cleansers, buy make-up remover towelettes. Oil of Olay makes them, Lever 2000 makes them, but my personal faves are the Pond's towelettes. Pond's not only seems gentler on my skin, but they come in a resealable travel pack, as well as the traditional hard plastic box.

Once you scale down your toiletries, you'll find they take up hardly any room at all. You can easily stow them in your carry-on bag, but make sure you enclose them all in a zip-lock bag, just in case!

If you've travel sized everything and there's still too much to fit in your carry-on, you might want to invest in a train case or a similar small piece of luggage to take on board… Or, you can buy my most favorite travel item (my favorite this week, that is)—-a portable makeup vanity by Travelon. Not only will this a travel case fit all your makeup and toiletries, it has a pop-up makeup mirror—full-sized—in the middle, so you can just unfold the case and lay it on any flat surface to apply your makeup! The entire thing folds up to the size of a piece of paper, and has a handle on the top so you
can carry it like a briefcase. It comes in black or red washable nylon, and can be found at Hammacher Schlemmer for about $34.00. (Hammacher Schlemmer, in malls and in your mailbox nationwide.)

You can also see a similar product at www.makeupmania.com (click on Cosmetic Bags on the Artist's Supplies "floor") but at $45.00, it's more expensive, even though it looks like the same product.

Good luck and happy packing!

Trish's Makeup Pick of the Month

Thanks, Michelle Officer, for spilling the beans on the newest lipstick shade from Chanel called "Dance." Part of the Infrarouge line of lipsticks, "Dance" is a fabulous pinky-fuschia that would look great with your end-of-the-summer tan. (Chanel, at department stores like Saks and Macy's nationwide, about $21.00)

Well, looks like my work here is done—for now. Do you have a Dancesport beauty dilemma? Email any questions or comments to:


Have a friend who doesn't have email, but who needs some beauty advice? You can also fax your questions to 801-761-3830.

Your questions will be answered on
ExploreDance.com. See you next month!

Patricia Dates O'Brien is a professional Dancesport competitor, and is the United States 2000 Rising Star American Smooth Champion. She also writes beauty columns for Dancesport Magazine and Dance Beat.

…Her husband gave up his shelf in the medicine cabinet long ago…

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