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Joanna G. Harris
Performance Reviews
Fort Mason Center for the Arts
United States
San Francisco Bay Area
San Francisco, CA

La Tania Baile Flamenco: "Despartar es un Color"

by Joanna G. Harris
April 22, 2012
Fort Mason Center for the Arts
38 Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 441-3400
Joanna G. Harris
Author, Beyond Isadora: Bay Area Dancing, 1916-1965. Regent Press, Berkeley, CA, 2009. Contributor to reviews on culturevulture.net
We have waited a long time, almost three years, in my estimation for a return of the amazing La Tania. Thus, the audience and this reviewer felt amply rewarded by the production of "Despartar es un Color" for its one and only production, April 22, 2012. For this event, La Tania brought together a company of local dancers and herself along with singers and instrumentalists who accomplished an elaborate performance, giving us new dimensions in Flamenco dance.

The usual image of Flamenco is that of cabaret dance offering a powerful man twirling around a lively woman who stamps while the man claps. A singer and a guitarist usually accompany them. Erase that image. In La Tania's show, all the dancers were strong, beautifully skilled women accompanied by two singers, Felix De Lola, Kina Mendez, a man and a woman, one guitarist, Roberto Aguilar and a violinist, Tregar Otton.

Not only is the dancing unusual for the strength and range of movement in the arms, feet and torso, but La Tania has choreographed patterns in space and for ensemble that are exciting for this dance style and indeed for any other.

Part I provided the opportunity for three dancers to perform solos, following the opening trio "Martinete". Sandra Gabas, tall and strong, gave us "Alegrias", Gina Giammanco, small and light, danced "Solea por Bulerias" and La Tania finished with "Soleareas", captivating the audiences with her extraordinary style and stage presence.

Part II used the show's title, "Despartar es un Color", indicating that there was an awakening, if not for the dancers certainly for the audience who was learning to see the expanded range of Flamenco. For each section colors were varied helping us to see fashion not only in costume but in style.

The first part, "Despertar" (Solea) brought all the dancers on stage dressed in red with long white skirts that trailed behind them. It was remarkable to watch the footwork possible as the dancers kicked up their fabric 'trains'.

Then, Gabas, Giammanco and Lea Kobeli danced the trio "Tierra" (Farruca) dressed in purple tops and black pants exhibiting astonishing use of their feet and arms. The surprise hit of the evening was La Tania's solo "Alas el Viento" (Alegrais). She swept across the stage her long shawl swooping like a ship's sail and her white dress, also with a 'train', rapping around her feet as she bent, turned and paused with so much accomplishment. The finale "Colores" (Tangos/Tientos), danced by the entire company brought the audience to its feet with delight and great appreciation for this remarkable work.

Throughout the performance, the singers and musicians interacted with the dancers, their rhythms here indicated by the words in the parentheses, e.g (Alegrias). The rapport between them was delightful.

La Tania is teaching classes in San Francisco and Oakland and will appear at the Ethnic Dance Festival June 16 and 17. Do go see her!

Company members are: Sandra Gabas, Gina Giammanco, Sara Moncada, Lea Kobeli, Sachiko Morino and La Tania. Costumes were by Sachiko Morino and Flamencur; the fine lighting by Matthew Antaky.
La Tania

La Tania

Photo © & courtesy of Adrian Arias

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