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Rita Kohn
Book Reviews

Book Review: Moscow C. Wilson's Tabula Rasa Technique

by Rita Kohn
April 17, 2012
Rita Kohn is a member of the Board of the Dance Critics Association.
Reality science fiction drives an incredulous yet perhaps not so distant scheme by a ballet company director to kidnap and engineer a troupe of dancers to morph into "biotechnicologically enhanced humans" in Moscow C. Wilson's novel Tabula Rasa Technique. Wilson's writing style borders on gimmicky lingo — "The pitter-patter of the helicopter propellers were in competition with my hearbeat.[sic]" I kept reading because I was hoping there was some redemption to the insipid conversation and over-the-top cruelty, and perhaps there is, as a cautionary tale where implementation of the horrible worlds of subjugation by madmen can indeed be thwarted by sheer force of free will. It just doesn't have the power of Margaret Atwood's incredible dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale. Don't take my word for the writing quality; try it on your own and maybe you will come to a more forgiving conclusion.
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