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Morgana Mellett
Performance Reviews
Triskelion Arts - Muriel Schulman Theater
United States
New York City
New York
Brooklyn, NY

Here I Am Again Alone Again - Katie Dean, Heather Bregman and Michael Drake

by Morgana Mellett
February 22, 2014
Triskelion Arts - Muriel Schulman Theater
106 Calyer Street

(Formerly at 118 North 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211)
Brooklyn, NY 10016
Katie Dean and Heather Bregman in collaboration with visual artist Michael Drake and sound designer Justin Frye at the TRISKELION ARTS theater on Feb 22nd, premiered Here I Am Again Alone Again.
The lights came slanting into the black box theater and Katie Dean becomes visible dressed in casual white clothes with her back turned to the audience, sitting on top of a scaffold in deep meditation. From the downstage left corner, Heather Bregman, also dressed in casual white clothes enters with hips rocking. Her movements slowly take her across the stage also giving a back view to the audience. As the piece builds the music becomes harsh, electronic and rhythmical, with the bodies of the dancers moving to the music in fluid, rippling, sensual movements interspersed with sharp angles. The lines of the bodies contrast and work with the angles of the scaffold and the angle of the lights. To the right is a small tv screen laying on the stage with an image of water passing swiftly.

While only two dancers perform during this 30 minute piece, it is not a duet in the classic sense of the word. The dancers do not interact or acknowledge one another. They are each travelling on their own life path. The dancers moved with technical ease and a variety of movements. At times making simple undulating hip movements as if lost in the sensual feeling of being alive. At other times they made spectacular hinge backbends that started on the floor and came up as if being pulled by an unseen force.

More dramatic changes would have added to the overall dynamics of the piece. A sudden change in lighting or other aspect would have better kept the viewers attention. This needed dynamic change came towards the end of the piece with the ingenious use of translucent mirrors, which were brought on one at a time by the dancers. The initial dramatic moment when the audience sees itself was very effective. Equally intriguing was to see that the dancers were still visible behind the mirror with their undulating spines rippling as continuously as the ocean waves.
Here I Am Again Alone Again

Here I Am Again Alone Again

Photo © & courtesy of Mike Drake

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