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Zaccho Dance Theatre's A Poet’s Love like Aerial Music

by Joanna G. Harris
October 6, 2015
Zaccho Dance Theatre
1777 Yosemite Ave #330
San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 822-6744
Joanna G. Harris Author, Beyond Isadora: Bay Area Dancing, 1916-1965. Regent Press, Berkeley, CA, 2009. Contributor to reviews on culturevulture.net
For Zaccho Dance Theatre's A Poet’s Love artistic director/choreographer Joanna Haigood structured sixteen vignettes to the exquisite music of Schumann’s "Dichterliebe Op. 48." Played by pianist Frederick Harris and sung by tenor José Joaquin Garcia, Zaccho Dance Theatre's eight dancers occupied the company's large studio space including a swing, a table, a chair and the studio wall. The work was an homage to the romanticism of "Dichterliebe's" lyrics, the special sound of it, the skill of the dancers and the experiences of love.

Haigood is an original in the use of aerial dance in her works. Early on, she climbed walls, swung in the air and perfected the acrobatics necessary to leave the ground. In this piece, the most accomplished sections involved climbing the center wall by the use of steps and a rope and arriving high up on chairs. Two of her dancers did it, but it was her solo at the end of the section that was the most poetic.

There are amazing dancers in the troupe. They are: Adonis Damian Martin Quinones, Kaitlin Guerin, Danielle Sandia Sexton, Natalie Wagner and Helen Wicks. Their dancing proceeds smoothly from place to place, swing to table- top to chair, producing a kaleidoscope of moving images. Of particular note was Delvis Savigne Frinon who caught one’s attention with his ability to sustain pauses at fragile moments.

Although A Poet’s Love was a very satisfying work, its marriage of movement and music as a complete experience fell short for this reviewer.

Scenic design was by Wayne Campbell and lighting by Allen Willner.
Joanna Haigood.

Joanna Haigood.

Photo © & courtesy of Charlene Fomenty

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