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Patricia Dates O'Brien
Ask Trish

New Year's Resolutions!

by Patricia Dates O'Brien
January 1, 2002

Ask Trish - January 2002

New Year's Resolutions!

I resolve…

…to treat my hair better, especially after a dance competition, by deep-conditioning it at least once a month.

…to become a real grown-up, and buy real makeup brushes, instead of using the little foam applicators that come with the eyeshadows!
—AJ, New York, NY

…I will not be afraid of my makeup…I will not be afraid of my makeup…..I will not be afraid of my makeup….
—Terry, GA

…to accept responsibility and tell my partner when she has lipstick on her teeth.
—S.M., New Jersey

…to clean my makeup brushes regularly, so I don't get breakouts.
—T.R., Seattle

…To pay more attention to my skin! And to give myself regular facials. And to finally buy that anti-wrinkle eye cream…

…to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! That way the Pro-tan won't look so grungy…

…to clean my costumes immediately after each performance, instead of realizing they're still dirty right before I have to compete!

…to not forget to Vaseline my Ballroom patent leather shoes. Men, you know what I'm sayin'…
—John, Atlanta

…to find the perfect hair straightening product…and the perfect hair dye…and the perfect hairspray…hell, I resolve to buy the perfect wig.
—MM, Baltimore

…to take advantage of the free makeovers at the department stores. Who knows? I could learn something. And they're free!

…To get my partner to stop laughing at me while she's putting that eyeliner stuff on my eyelids. That stuff feels weird man…

…to always carry breath mints in my makeup bag, just to be polite to my partner on the dance floor!!
—-Steve, NYC

…to not collapse and fall asleep after a competition with all my makeup still on…and then search the bedsheets the next morning for missing false eyelashes. My boyfriend says that scares him.

…to grow my nails. Once and for all! And to stop spending money on fake ones!

…to unlock the mysteries of the "Hairgami"…and make that 19.99 I spent worthwhile….

…to organize and condense my stash of nail polish, cucumber eye pads, facial mists, and seaweed wraps, so that there's more room in the fridge for food.
—RR, San Diego

…to get a six-pack, finally. (NOT beer!!!)

…to not sew myself any more costumes until I've worn the ones I have, four times each, or sell them…(they're listed on DanceScape.com's classifieds now!!)…
…to keep my rather embarrassingly huge makeup collection organized so that people can actually use the bathroom that it's housed in…
…And this is an easy one: always experiment and have fun with my hair and makeup!!!
—Laura LaGassa, CA

Happy New Year! —Trish

Patricia Dates O'Brien is a professional Dancesport competitor in the American Style division. She also teaches a dance-based exercise class called Fluidity (tm), and is a makeup artist for Dancesport competitions. Email any questions or comments to: TrishDatesOBrien@aol.com

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