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Robert Abrams
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MSWC Dance Studio Performance Showcase 2001

by Robert Abrams
February 4, 2001
New York, NY

MSWC Dance Studio Performance Showcase 2001

February 4, 2001

Comments and Photos by Robert Abrams

Miyuki Sakurai has been operating a dance studio for a little under two years. This afternoon, her students, invited guest performers, and Ms. Sakurai herself put on a stunning exhibition of ballet and dance styles from around the world. The audience was mostly parents of the students who performed, but it was worth attending even if you didn't have a daughter on the stage.

Ms. Sakurai's studio, MSWC Dance Studio, appears to cater mostly to Japanese people. Nearly all of the performers, except a few of the invited guests, were Japanese. Most of the narration introducing each number was in Japanese. Even though I don't know any Japanese except the one or two phrases I picked up during the year I studied Aikido, it really didn't matter. The language of dance is universal.

There were many excellent numbers in the show. My favorite, though, was the Taiko drum and tap dance number. Yako Miyamoto, Emi Namimatsu and Hana Ogata managed to seamlessly integrate these two very different artistic traditions. They made it look like Taiko drumming and tap dance are supposed to be performed together.

If you would like more information about the MSWC Dance Studio, please call 212-678-7656.

Little ballerinas

More little ballerinas

A very little ballerina dances with two big ballerinas

Elegant arms

Mayuna Shimizu and Keith Miller of the Long Island Ballet perform Adagio from Swan Lake

More Swan Lake

The Swan goes on

Sensei, under the influence of Dr. Maybe's confusion ray, attacks Little One

Little One foils the attack. The world is once again safe for dance!

The littlest Samba

International Style Samba performed by Christian Perry and Aleksandra Gisher

Arabic Dance from the Nutcracker - Larry Crabtree, Keiko Akiyama, Yuko Kobayashi, Yoko Kimura

African dance - Yuki Tenma, Kayo Higuchi, Kazuho Nozaki, Megumi Nakashouji, Kimi Aoki

Tango - Michael and Yuka Lepore, Christian Perry, Miyuki Sakurai

Taiko drum and Tap dance - Yako Miyamoto, Emi Namimatsu, Hana Ogata (Taiko Drummers Drumming)

Taiko Drummers Tapping

This picture may be a little dim, but the dancers lit up the stage

China - from the Nutcracker - Rio Otsudo, Natsuko Takashima

China - from the Nutcracker - Hikaru Futami, Yukiho Iwase, Yuki Komatsu

Paso Doble - Christian Perry, Aleksandra Gisher

Flamenco - Kumi Kuwahata, accompanied by Arturo Martinez and Atsuko Kino

Flamenco with dramatic lighting

Andrij Cybyk of the Anglo-American Ballet performs a Russian number from the Nutcracker with support from many young dancers

Hip Hop - Noritaka Maeda, Tomomo Arai, Kentaro Takahashi

Hollywood Style Swing (Lindy) - Christian Perry, Miyuki Sakurai

Dancers often carry each other - in this case, literally.

Tap - Yumiko Moriyama, Kayo Higuchi, Emiko Sadakata, Kumiko Arai

The grand finale

Ta Da!

Flowers for everyone!

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