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Robert Abrams
Food Reviews and Recipes

Tio Gazpacho Clasico - a new vegetable drink

by Robert Abrams
March 30, 2018
Tio Gazpacho Clasico presents as a drink in a plastic bottle. It is not really a drink because it is far too thick compared to orange juice with pulp, let alone apple juice or a bottle of water. On the other hand, it is not thick enough to count as a solid food. It is something in between. Drinkable food with a side of hydration? I, certainly, don't encounter something like this often enough to have a ready term to label the category. The bottle says it is chilled soup, but that doesn't help either because soup comes in a variety of thicknesses.

In terms of flavor, Tio Gazpacho Clasico tastes like what I associate with Gazpacho, but milder, without any real bite. While this might disappoint some purists, if I am looking for something that leans towards refreshment, as opposed to sustenance, I think I prefer Tio's mild choice. They could bring out a sharper version later, or sell a packet of spices so the drinker could sharpen it to personal taste.

One 10 fluid ounce bottle retails for $4.99.

I have been looking for ways to add more vegetables to my diet. I have found that sometimes there are no good options for adding some vegetables because, for instance, a restaurant only stocks enough ingredients in the proportions needed for the dishes on its menu. The Tio Gazpacho Clasico tastes like a good way to enhance one's vegetable intake, either at or between meals.

My only quibble is the front of the label and the side panel. They highlight tomato, green pepper and cucumber. However, the ingredient list shows that the cucumber is really cucumber juice. The drink-eater is therefore not getting the full corpus of cucumber, but is, at least, ingesting two vegetables full on. Maybe the world isn't ready for an honest discussion of cucumber juice. If a technically correct elision is what it takes to facilitate increased consumption of green pepper, in the present moment I am willing to accept it.

I like Tio Gazpacho Clasico enough that I will be trying their other flavors. I will also try to answer the question of whether the Tio products pair well with Salsa or Flamenco.
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