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Midsummer Night Swing - Smooth Moves dance contest finals

by Robert Abrams, Lisa Allen
July 23, 2003
Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
140 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

Midsummer Night Swing - Smooth Moves dance contest finals

Report by Robert Abrams. Photos by Lisa Allen.
July 23, 2003

Today was the finals of the Smooth Moves dance contest sponsored by Vaseline Intensive Care. The finals were held at Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The finals consisted of two couples: Christian Perry and Annette Nicol dancing Lindy Hop, and Alex DaSilva and Monica Flores dancing Mambo/Salsa. Christian and Annette had been chosen as the winner of the East Coast Semi-Finals, and Alex and Monica had been chosen as the winner of the West Coast Semi-Finals.

Christian and Annette danced first. Their choreography had a sense of humor, such as when Christian led Annette into a series of spins while looking at his watch. They were energetic. Their routine had a big finish with a reverse lift (where the woman lifts the man).

Alex and Monica danced second. They demonstrated great control and sharply defined movements. They exuded confidence. Their choreography was well suited to the competition. They stayed true to Mambo's nature, which is often powerful but reserved, but they also attacked their material with zest to match the Lindy Hop's wild abandon. They danced with passion. Their routine included Argentine tango inflections and a self supported dip.

Both couples danced very well. In a close contest, the judges picked Alex and Monica as the winners.

Photos by Lisa Allen

For more of Lisa Allen's work check out her other photos on ExploreDance.com and www.treehousephotography.com.

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