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Robert Abrams
Performance Reviews
Dixon Place
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

StylePointe 2019 - a bold dance-augmented fashion show

by Robert Abrams
September 12, 2019
Dixon Place
258 Bowery, 2nd Floor
(btw Houston and Prince)
New York, NY 10012
The first collection exploded the runway, or maybe ignored the runway as an obstacle to dance over and around. The other collections augmented the runway, with the runway as a centerpoint of a dance performance, and, at times, as a traditional catwalk that was augmented with dance motion.

Since I am not a person who normally goes to fashion shows, I come at this from a position of at least partial naivete. I certainly enjoyed the dances. Many of the dancers had sharp technique and engaging kinesthetic personalities. The main question I had while watching, since this was a fashion show, was Did the clothes work for dance? For the most part, I think they did work, in the sense that you could move well in them. There was one long skirt that the dancer kept stepping on, and might have tripped. This could be fixed by shortening it a few inches, or, since it was removable, wearing it, slightly higher. That was the only outfit that looked like it needed tweaking.

Many of the outfits were rather bold, as one often expects in a fashion show. Would anyone actually wear them to a normal party or event? I don't know, but as we say in publishing, Be bold, Press Bold.

I thought it would have been useful to spruce up the printed program with some color photos of the outfits. There should have been an obvious way for people to buy the outfits soonest. Or maybe rent them, since who but the 1% has the space to store a lot of outfits that only get worn once a year? (Unless you also wear the outfits to the supermarket, which would be a good idea if, like me, you think people should be dancing in the aisles of supermarkets.)

And they should have a kid friendly matinee. (I'll spring for the cupcakes at the after party.)

They should have a partner dance company or two in the mix.

But those are the obligations of a critic.

Overall I loved the show and my daughter did too. I look forward to new clothing designs and new dances next year.
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