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Natalie Laruccia
Photo Essays
Argentine Tangos

Intimacy in Black and White - a photo essay

by Natalie Laruccia
January 20, 2003

Intimacy in Black and White

A photo essay by Natalie Laruccia
January 20, 2003

1. Pablo with Sandra in the air.

The majority of tango photography, for that matter most dance photographs, are taken in black and white to emphasize the lines, shapes, light and shadow of the dancers as these were also taken in black and white for that reason.

2. Trio in the street.

This picture was taken in New York but it looks very similar to the famous barrio San Telmo where you can see tango dancers performing on the cobble stone streets in Plaza Dorrego.

3. Sandra's leg.

There is such a strong emphasis on the legs and feet in tango, unlike other dances, that it is said in tango only the lower portion of the body dances so naturally one must always have a picture of a beautiful tango dancer's legs to portray that.

4. Intimate trio on sidewalk.

Many have used words like passion and drama to express tango but in this particular picture I find a very subtle hint of intimacy, a word that I use to describe tango because tango is essentially known as a three minute love affair about closeness, the embrace and intimacy between man and woman.

5. Sandra splitz.

Here is another picture that I find expresses the intimacy of tango very well. This case in particular they portray that barely kissing while they intensly look into each other's eyes.

6. Walter and Sandra lunge.

Of course one must always remember the classic tango pose that is personified by these dancers very well.

7. El Caminito, La Boca.

This was taken in Buenos Aires in a barrio called La Boca where it's unusual brightly painted red, orange, yellow and blue houses make it a very attractive spot for tourists and painters to go to and for tango dancers to perform right in the street.

To see more of Natalie's photos, go to www.larucciaphotography.com

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