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Robert Abrams
Performance Reviews
La Nacional
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Flamenco Tablao - Alegrias at La Nacional with Pilar Andújar

by Robert Abrams
October 9, 2004
La Nacional
239 West 14 Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011
(212) 627-4770

Flamenco Tablao - Alegrias at La Nacional with Pilar Andújar

Flamenco is back at La Nacional with special guest Pilar Andújar, a Flamenco dancer from Madrid, dancing to the accompaniment of three local, but nonetheless talented, musicians.

Ms. Andújar's movements were nicely punctuated. She dances with an intense vertical core while her arms are a thing apart. It was like her vertical dimension was a rock over which the tides of her horizontal dimension washed with much elasticity. Her footwork is very rapid. Her stamped embellishments make you appreciate why the Victorians thought women's ankles were erotic, and not just because back then nothing else was exposed. Ms. Andújar's talent is infectious. Having just returned from Madrid myself, I can say with some certainty that Ms. Andújar could hold her own with anyone I saw there. She leaves you wanting more. I suggest throwing large bouquets of flowers at the stage as a way of asking for an encore.

You can catch the show at Alegrias En La Nacional every Friday and Saturday night at 239 West 14th Street, 2nd Floor in New York City. Call 917-667-2695 or email NAVA1234@aol.com for reservations, or visit www.alegrias.com. Shows start at 8:30 pm and 11:00 pm. Authentic, flavorful food and drink are available at reasonable prices. La Nacional is a Spanish cultural institution, so many of the people who show up do speak Spanish, but like the people in Madrid, they are always friendly no matter what language you speak.

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