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Natalie Laruccia
Robert Abrams
Photo Essays
Dance Manhattan
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Fashion - SAT Preparation Never Looked So Good

by Natalie Laruccia, Robert Abrams
March 1, 2004
Dance Manhattan
39 West 19th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
(212) 807-0802

Fashion - SAT Preparation Never Looked So Good

Photos by Natalie Laruccia
Text by Robert Abrams
Clothing modeled by Heather Gehring
March 1, 2004

Please observe the four photos of Heather Gehring pictured above. Please choose the response that most closely matches the pattern of the pair of words shown in the question.

Question: Down is to Up as …


    A) … Feet are to Hands.
    B) … Rehearsal is to Flowers.
    C) … Black is to Red.
    D) … Floor is to Ceiling.
    E) … Audience is to Performer.

Correctly answering this question may or may not help you get into the college of your choice.

If you need additional information to try to answer this question, you should know that in the two pictures on the left, Heather is wearing a Danskin mesh cropped wrap tank top in black/mercury (Style 2259, $26.00), a pair of black Danskin sweater-knit warm-up bootleg pants (Style 7302, $32.00), and a Danskin lavender wrap tank leotard (Style 2082, $36.00). In the top right picture, Heather is wearing a red Danskin Women's Scoop Neck Long-Sleeve Leotard (Style 9190, $17.00), and a pair of black Danskin NYCB Pants with adjustable drawstring side seams (Style 921, $52.00). In the bottom right picture, Heather is wearing a maroon Danskin NYCB Pirouette Skirted Camisole Leotard with an attached tie-front skirt (Style 6013, $54.00).

Danskin clothing can be purchased at www.danskin.com, by calling 1-800-288-6749 or at one of their many stores. Click here and learn how to receive free shipping on your Danskin purchases!

For more about Heather Gehring and her dance company, please go to www.gehringdancetheatre.org.

For more of Natalie's work, see her ExploreDance.com index page and www.larucciaphotography.com.

Special Thanks to Dance Manhattan for letting us use their space for part of the shoot. They can be found at www.dance-manhattan.com.

Flowers of the World sells a variety of beautiful flower arrangements for individuals and large special events. They can be reached at www.flowersoftheworld.com, by calling 1-800-770-3125 or at one of their several stores. The photos in this photo essay were shot at Flowers of the World's store at 150 West 55th Street in New York City (212-582-1850). Special thanks to Moshe, who let us use his store for this shoot, and Joseph, who was unfailingly helpful as we moved the furniture around and kept asking for the names of the flowers. The flowers at Flowers of the World not only look beautiful, they have a beautiful aroma as well.

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