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Lisa Allen
Robert Abrams
Photo Essays
Primus Photography Studio
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Fashion - Deanna McBrearty dances "The Flight of the Swan"

by Lisa Allen, Robert Abrams
February 14, 2004
Primus Photography Studio
64 Wooster Street #3E
New York, NY 10012

Fashion - Deanna McBrearty dances "The Flight of the Swan"

Photos by Lisa Allen
Text by Robert Abrams
Clothing modeled by Deanna McBrearty, Member of the New York City Ballet and guest artist with dance companies throughout the United States
February 14, 2004

The swan awoke from a long sleep one bright morning. She was happy that it was a bright morning, but she also knew that she had a duty to perform. She stood still for a minute, thinking about what she had to do. She covered her eyes with one wing to filter the light as her eyes slowly grew accustomed to the day.

Deanna McBrearty, dancing the role of the swan, is wearing a women's cotton with lycra camisole leotard (Style 2223, $44.00), and women's nylon footed tights (Style 69, $9.50). Inspired by her favorite flower patch, she is wearing a lilac shadow women's wrap skirt (Style 1886, $20.00). To guard against the chill of the morning dew, she is wearing lightweight leg warmers in lavender (Style 2405, $20.00) and women's stirrup leg warmers in pink (Style 8810, $30.00). The best swans are both stylish and sensible. All of the clothing is from Danskin.

The swan had a long flight ahead of her, so she stretched to her right.

The seams are visible on the front of the leotard to accent the lines of the dancer's body (or in this case to suggest the dynamic motion of the swan), but the front interior is lined with seamless fabric for maximum comfort. This nicely parallels the nature of the swan: beautiful, innocent and comforting, yet also a creature you don't want to mess with.

She stretched to her left.

The leg warmers are plush, with a soft feel to the fabric, yet they are also stretchy and hold their shape well.

She gazed into the sky as she worked the kinks out of her neck.

Even the waistband of the tights are soft to the touch.

Now she was ready to begin her journey. She stared down the length of her lake.

The fabric of the lilac wrap skirt forms beautiful patterns as it moves due to variable light penetration, chiffon being slightly thicker relative to the light source when viewed at a fold than when viewed flat. The waistband of the skirt has a high gloss finish. The stitching at the hems is elegant.

With a burst of energy she rose into the sky, her graceful wingspan catching a warm updraft. She smiled to herself, as she always did when she was soaring in the bright sunshine above the clouds. "This", she thought to herself, "is what it means to be a swan."

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Danskin clothing can be purchased at www.danskin.com, by calling 1-800-288-6749 or at one of their many stores. Click here and learn how to receive free shipping on your Danskin purchases!

For more of Lisa Allen's photography, see her ExploreDance.com index page and www.TreehousePhotography.com

The shoot was produced by Robert Abrams, who also did the backstory photography.

Deanna McBrearty has been a member of the New York City Ballet for over ten years. She is now dancing as a featured guest artist with dance companies across the United States.

Hair and Make-up for this photo shoot was by Portia Peters. She can be contacted at portiamakeup@hotmail.com

Photography assistance was provided by Karen Schoellkopf. She can be contacted at www.k-stop.com

"The Flight of the Swan" was photographed at Primus Studios, located at 64 Wooster Street #3E, New York, New York 10012. Call them at 212-966-3803 if you need an inspirational space to shoot. Special thanks to Gary Breckheimer of Primus for his assistance.

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