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Natalie Laruccia
Robert Abrams
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New York, NY

Fashion - Dancing in the Rain

by Natalie Laruccia, Robert Abrams
August 10, 2003
New York, NY

Fashion - Dancing in the Rain

Photos by Natalie Laruccia
Text by Robert Abrams
Clothing modeled by Heather Gehring
August 10, 2003

Rain is good for you. It makes the plants grow. It replenishes the water you drink. It renews the city in countless ways.

The next time you are grumbling about the rain, just remember that a rainy day is just another context in which to look your best. Here Heather prepares for the challenge wearing Danskin black solid bootleg pants ($38.00, style 2300) and a Danskin red scoop neck long sleeve leotard ($17.00, style 9190).

Rain, even the gentle rain pictured here, is serious business. "Slow down" is good advice when it starts raining, whether you are driving from Santa Cruz to San Jose over Route 17 or dancing in the street. Keeping this maxim in mind, Heather starts her dance in a serious style.

Fortunately, dance makes people happy, even when wet. Heather certainly is.

The upward force of Heather's happiness proved greater than the downward force of the rain. I once made a film about Sir Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion, so I could have calculated these forces, but for now you will have to take this picture as evidence. Here Heather reaches skyward in a Danskin printed Georgette wrap skirt in the black, radio waves pattern ($22.00, style 7051), Danskin Microfiber footless tights ($12.50, style 711) and a Danskin lavender wrap tank leotard ($36.00, style 2082).

Rain can be a beautiful, joyous thing. As Gene Kelly proved, dancing in the rain can be beautiful and joyous too. Gene Kelly ended his routine by deciding that he was too happy to need his umbrella. Heather felt the same way too.

Here Heather, the plants and the building all stretch for the sky. From the top to the bottom and back, this was a rainy day with dance at its fullest.

Danskin clothing can be purchased at www.danskin.com, by calling 1-800-288-6749 or at one of their many stores.

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