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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Music Reviews

Ettore Stratta Birthday Gala

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 31, 2003
315 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 581-3080

About the Author:

Ettore Stratta Birthday Gala

Stratta-Phillips Productions, Inc.

Many Featured Musicians, Dancers, Stars, and Guests

315 West 44th Street, NYC
Gianni Valenti and Andy Kaufman, Owners
Tarik Osman, Manager
(See Other Birdland Reviews)

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 31, 2003

When Pat Phillips, musical productions partner and wife of Ettore Stratta, throws a party, it's a five-hour-long event, with Singing, Classical, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Tango, and Surprise Guests, including children and grandchildren. The Photo Essay and related text below speak for the wide range of talent and musical genres that were represented in this Birthday Tribute to an acclaimed Producer of Music and Dance events. Ettore Stratta is a former composer, pianist, and conductor of international orchestras. I first met Pat and Ettore at Birdland, when ExploreDance.com reviewed three nights at the Django Reinhardt Festival (See Reviews). I also reviewed the Pablo Ziegler Quintet at Jazz Standard (See Review), another Stratta-Phillips Production. On March 31, Pat and the owners of Birdland, Gianni Valenti and Andy Kaufman, created a once-in-a-lifetime event, with a sold-out party and fusion jam of Classical, traditional and contemporary Jazz, Brazilian, new Argentine Tango, with the likes of Paula Robison on flute, Michel Legrand on piano, Cesar Camargo Mariano on piano, Regina Carter on violin, Hector del Curto on bandoneón, Brian Torff on bass, Grady Tate and Gal Costa as vocalists, James Carter on saxophone, Leonardo Suarez-Paz on violin, Borislav Strulev on cello, Romero Lubambo on guitar, Bill Charlap on piano, Pablo Aslan on bass, Alvester Garnett on drums, and Mariela Franganillo dancing Tango onstage with Junior Cervila. And, moreover, this is a small sample of the many esteemed musicians and special guests that performed or attended this special Gala Birthday Party.

For five hours, we were all entertained to rehearsed performances, solos, jam sessions, champagne, and birthday cake. There were few announcements and speeches, as the music was the tribute and the illustration of the numerous awards and accomplishments in the prolific career of Maestro Ettore Stratta, now partnered with the lively and lovely Pat Phillips, who darts around the room, during all their productions, to network musicians and to make guests feel welcome. Kudos to Pat Phillips for arranging this exciting event. Kudos to Birdland for creating just the right sound and space and ambiance. And, kudos to Ettore Stratta, for his accomplished and diverse career in music and musical productions. Happy Birthday, Ettore, and warm wishes from ExploreDance.com for many, many more celebrations.

The Party Begins

Ken Peplowski, Clarinetist (See Django Reinhardt Reviews)

Ettore Stratta—Happy Birthday!! (See Other Stratta-Phillips Productions Reviews, Django Reinhardt and Pablo Ziegler Quintet)

Regina Carter, Violinist (See Carter Review)

Pablo Aslan, Bassist (See Avantango Review and Pablo Ziegler Quintet Review)

Brian Torff, Bassist (See Django Reinhardt Reviews)

Chris Lightcap, Bassist, and Vana Gierig, Pianist (See Regina Carter Review)

James Carter (See Django Reinhardt Reviews)

Kevin Prendergast, Jazz Video Producer

The Performances Begin

The New York Voices

Alvester Garnett, Drummer (See Regina Carter Review)

Grady Tate, Vocalist and Drummer (See James Moody Review)

Bill Charlap, Solo Piano

Gordon Lane, Drummer

Borislav Strulev, Solo Cello

Gianni Valenti, Birdland Owner (See Other Birdland Reviews)

Regina Carter's Quintet and Guests.

Regina Carter and her Quintet

Borislav Strulev and the Carter Quintet

Regina Carter on Violin Begins Jam of "Lady Be Good".

Alvester Garnett on Drums

Vana Gierig on Piano

Chris Lightcap and Alvester Garnett

Ken Peplowski

James Carter

Leonardo Suarezz-Paz, Violinist (See Avantango Review)

Leonardo Suarez-Paz and Vitali Imereli on Violins

Vitali Imereli

Pat Phillips, Event Organizer, and Husband/Maestro, Ettore Stratta

James Carter, Leonardo Suarez-Paz, Vitali Imereli


Mariela Franganillo, Dancer (See Avantango Review)

Oscar Feldman, Saxophonist (See Avantango Review)

Andy Kaufman, Birdland Owner, and Friend/Colleague, Jim.

Spanish, French, and Brazilian Moods

Romero Lubambo, Guitarist

Cesar Camargo Mariano, Pianist

Michel Legrand (See Bio), Pianist, Vocalist, Friend, and Composer

Paula Robison (See Bio), Flautist

Paula Robison

Hector del Curto, Bandoneonist (See Avantango Review and Pablo Ziegler Quintet Review)

Junior Cervila, Dancer (See Avantango Review)

Gal Costa, Vocalist (See Website), Sings in Portuguese

Romero Lubambo

Michel Legrand

Gal Costa and Michel Legrand

The Party Continues

Michel Legrand Sings and Plays Piano for Ettore

Ken Peplowski and Colleague

Grady Tate Sings

Mike Rienzi, Pianist

James Carter on Sax

Pat Phillips and Monuka

Akiko Tsuruga, Organist, Pianist

Grady Tate

Avantango Performers and Presentation

Junior, Hector, Mariela, Roxana Fontan (Tango Vocalist, Performer)

Oscar Feldman

Hector del Curto on Bandoneon

Dario Eskenazi, Pianist

Hector del Curto

Pablo Aslan on Bass

Oscar Feldman, Pablo Aslan, Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Jorge Calandrelli, Pianist (Guest)

Hector del Curto, Oscar Feldman, Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Junior Cervila and Mariela Franganillo Dance Argentine Tango

Junior Cervila and Mariela Franganillo Dance Argentine Tango

Mariela and Ettore, After the Dance

Ettore's Birthday Celebration

Birthday Toast

Ettore and Isabella Stratta

Pat Leads Happy Birthday!

Ettore's Speech

Ettore's Thanks

Mariela, Junior, Pat, and Pat's Son

Ettore, Monuka, Pat

The Cake

Roxana Fontan, Tango Vocalist (See Avantango Review)

Roxana Fontan and Gal Costa

The Guests Jam and Party On…..

Michel Legrand Signs Autographs

James Carter and Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Oscar Feldman, James Carter, Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Hector del Curto and James Carter

James Carter

Ettore Stratta and Friend

Jorge Calandrelli Plays

Hector del Curto

Brian Torff

James and Maureen, Bartenders, Tango

Brian Torff

Borislav Strulev and Ettore

Borislav Strulev

Jorge Calandrelli

James Carter

Liz Magnes, Pianist/Composer, and Michele Taylor, Publicist

David Altman, Photographer

Pat Phillips and Friends

Birdland Sound Man and Romero Lubambo

Cesar Camargo Mariano, Pat Phillips, and Friend

Oscar Feldman and David Altman

Cesar, Ettore, Jorge, Pat, Son, and Friend

Roberta, Cesar, Ettore, Jorge

Leonardo, Cesar, Oscar, Ettore

Vana Gierig, and Pat

Ettore, Jorge, Vana, Pat

Vana and Cesar

The 4 Pianists: Mike Rienzi, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Vana Gierig, Jorge Calandrelli

Ettore and the Pianists

Pat, Ettore, and Gianni Valenti Join the Pianists

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