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Patricia Dates O'Brien
Ask Trish

Dancesport and figure skating hair styles compared; Need to get a Latin costume to behave? Here is some practical advice.

by Patricia Dates O'Brien
August 1, 2001

Ask Trish - August 2001

Dancesport and figure skating hair styles compared

Dear Trish—

In the figure skating competitions, all the hairstyles are flowing and free.
In Dancesport competitions, the hairdo's are harder than my bicycle helmet!
What gives? I thought skating and Dancesport were kinda similar in costuming
and grooming.

— Miss Golden-Locks

Dear Miss G.:

Not being from the figure-skating world, I can only offer up that the
skater's flowing hair contributes to the sense of flight and movement across
the ice. Why not try the same in Dancesport, you say? You can try, but its
a known fact that Dancesport judges prefer hair to be sprayed, gelled and
coifed. Frizzy and/or flyaway hair is distracting and can cost you marks! A
good Dancesport "look" is clean and groomed—which doesn't mean your hair has
to resemble the eighth architectural wonder of the world. A simple low bun
or chignon, slicked back with gel, is often the best hairdo on the
floor—because it allows the judges and the audience to see the dancer's
face, costume, and beautiful technique. You can also add a small silk flower
or a rhinestone ponytail holder to give it a little sparkle.

If you're unsure about how to do that 'do, there is almost always a hair
professional at every competition. Invest the money to get your hair done at
least once, and learn what's best for you from a pro. Good luck with your

Need to get a Latin costume to behave? Here is some practical advice.

Dear Ms. Trish:

My new latin costume is so revealing, I'm afraid to spin too quickly, for
fear some body parts might go spinning….OUT. I always thought my full
figure was an asset…but now I'm afraid!


Loose but Lovely in L.A.

Dear Loose:
Cleavage control is a serious issue, us girls know. But please don't
fret—help is on the way! Pick up some "Dancesport Body Glue," sold by most
vendors at Dancesport competitions, or at www.DanZ2000.com. I have tried it,
and I am a convert. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical, but this
roll-on has Krazy Glue-like bonding properties! AND it is water soluble, so
it will wash right off in the shower. Yet it doesn't lose its staying power,
even through multiple rounds of competition. So wear that costume without
fear and show off that lovely figure!

Well, looks like my work here is done—for now. Do you have a Dancesport
beauty dilemma? Email any questions or comments to:


Have a friend who doesn't have email, but who needs some beauty advice? You can also fax your questions to 801-761-3830.

Your questions will be answered on
ExploreDance.com. See you next month!

Patricia Dates O'Brien is a professional Dancesport competitor, and was the
United States 2000 Rising Star American Smooth Champion. She also writes
beauty columns for Dancesport Magazine and Dance Beat.

…Her husband gave up his shelf in the medicine cabinet long ago…

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