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Robert Abrams
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Dance New York's Showcase of the Stars 3

by Robert Abrams
August 4, 2000
New York, NY

Dance New York's Showcase of the Stars 3

- comments by Robert Abrams

On August 4, 2000, Dance New York held its Showcase of the Stars #3. Dance New York, a ballroom studio, holds a student showcase roughly every six weeks. This special show gives its students the chance to show off their stuff. I have always found these shows to be inspiring. They give students something to work towards, while building community among teachers and students.

There were 16 performances. There were ten Pro-Am performances, and six Amateur performances. In order of appearance, Catherine Lefferts (am) danced Rumba with Oscar Burgos (pro), Robert Abrams (am) danced American Tango with Michelle Officer (pro), and Paul and Veronica (am) danced International Latin while Elena Frolova (pro) looked on happily. Vernon and Christina Duckett (am) glided across the floor to an International Foxtrot while Michelle Officer (pro) beamed. Judith Nichols (am) danced Samba with Ed Simon (pro).

Wendy Sherman (am) then let Ed Simon catch his breathe in an American Foxtrot. Karol Sue Reddington (am) danced an Argentine Tango with Oscar Burgos, including a demonstration of a classic A-frame. Cynthia Miller and Joe Wu (am) danced a Samba while Yuliya Levitin (pro) and Oscar Burgos (still pro) admired them. Vernon Duckett (am) then spun Michelle Officer around the floor in an International Waltz. Then Reginald Fernandez, Ignie Ocampo, Larry Organista, Kathleen Donahue, Scott Waltmann, Yuki Inoyama, Lito Regoso, Lika Williams, Ken Merhige, and Yukari Kawashima (all am) filled the floor with a Cha-Cha formation routine choreographed by Yuliya Levitin.

Later on in the evening, Yuki Inoyama danced Cha-Cha with Oscar Burgos. Alan McElroy (am) danced a Peabody with Karen McDonald (pro). Neoly Williams (am) danced Samba with Oscar Burgos. Liane Onish (am) danced a Theatre Arts routine with Ed Simon. Finally, Ashley Reed, Carlotta Craig, Felice Batlan, Jeff Silverman, Joseph DellaPerata, John Wang, Lynda Ehngstrom, Rob Clark, Sam Lwin, and Taeko Konno (all am) danced an Argentine Tango Formation routine choreographed by Kana Kubota (pro). (Everyone who was on the program is mentioned here. If I missed someone, please send me an email: bob@robertabrams.net, and I will correct it.)

In addition to the performances, there was a mini-lesson in Foxtrot and in Merengue, plus general dancing.

Pictures from the Showcase of the Stars #3

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Dance New York is located at 237 West 54th Street (3rd Floor) in New York, NY 10019 (Between Broadway & 8th Avenue). Their phone number is 212-246-5797.

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