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Dance Times Square
United States
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New York
New York, NY

Dance brings people together at Dance Times Square

by Robert Abrams
March 28, 2002
New York, NY

Dance brings people together at Dance Times Square

by Robert Abrams
March 29, 2002

For a schedule of classes and events, go to www.dancetimessquare.com or call (212) 994-9500. Their address is 156 W 44st, New York, NY 10036.

Have you ever noticed that when a roomful of people are dancing they often find themselves drawn closer and closer together into the middle of the room? Dance can bring people together in the most unexpected ways. I have such a story.

Two nights ago was Passover, a time when people get together to remember. Afterwords I wandered over to Dance Times Square, mostly because I was only two blocks away. Plus, I was hoping to accidentally run into someone I have met there recently. (I did just happen to be in the neighborhood, I swear. When the bill comes for dinner I will be able to prove it.) Dance Times Square is a relatively new studio in New York City. The space is stunning, with architectural detail and gold leaf on the ceiling. This is one ballroom studio that actually looks like a ballroom. The staff is friendly. They have an incipient and growing community.

As it happened the person I was looking for was not there that night. As it turned out though, my first tango teacher was there. At first, I thought I must be mistaken. It must be someone who looks similar. After a few minutes of awkwardly staring at each other and awkwardly looking away, we finally figured out that each of us was who the other thought they were. I haven't seen her in perhaps four years. I knew her from the Palomar Ballroom in Santa Cruz, California, another ballroom with real architecture.

Later on that night I thought I saw someone else I used to know. She looked different, but her smile was the same. I haven't seen her since high school, which must make it 16 years. At the time neither of us knew Argentine tango existed. I know I didn't.

So the next time you drift to the center of the ballroom, look around. You never know who the dance may bring you.

Once a month Dance Times Square holds a free open house. In addition to general dancing there is often a performance by one or more professionals and students. Here are some pictures from the March open house.

















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