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Emotion Revealed

This was supposed to be a shot of a dancer (see the blur of hair on the right?), but it is useful because it shows the use of theatrical lighting.

They've got frame

Some go this way, and some go that way

You can look, but you can't touch

Okay, this picture is a little blurry, but Julia is in it, so I thought I would include it anyway. Yes, yes, I know, I am just reenforcing the status quo hero worship thing, but in Bob and Julia's case it is deserved. (Lucas Jaime, Michelle Lamb, Julia Gorchakova)

Bob and The Blur (AKA Julia). For some dancers, the camera provides an illusion that they are moving very fast. In Julia's case, this is no illusion. (Bob Powers, Julia Gorchakova)

Here it is folks. Actual proof that men perspire and women glow.

More Bob and Julia. (Julia Gorchakova, Bob Powers, Michelle Lamb, Lucas Jaime)

Who will win?

Bob and Julia win

Empire State Dance Sport Championships 2000

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