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Oscar Burgos and partner

I have such a hot beard.

Artful feet.

What a line!

Is that his arm or her hair? You be the judge.

From East Brunswick, New Jersey (Elena Grinenko, Howard Goldstein)

Michelle Officer ponders a dancer's fate

This photo was taken after I had walked across the underground World Trade Center mall, and above ground for several blocks in an increasingly futile search for a specific kind of 3 volt lithium ion battery (in my dance shoes no less, because each place I checked would say 'the next place will have it and it is not far'). I ended up at J&R, where they told me that this kind of lithium ion battery is really just 2 AA batteries packaged together. Aaarrghh! While this was true, it was not entirely true. I discovered from practical experience that lithium ion batteries have more juice in them than two AA batteries. Just in case you wanted to know.

Tony Meredith marks them as he sees them.

Waiting for the awards

A runner serves the all important function of getting the score sheets from the judges to the scrutineer, while looking elegant doing it. This runner is taking a few winks after a job well done.

Paul takes his dancing seriously.

Quite the dress.

Clive Philips and Linda Katz take on the world

Sally and Alex are having fun. Sally had a baby two months before the comp. Congrats!

Still having fun, sans peasant skirt.

There was plenty of general dancing.

Paul and sweetheart

Whirls of color.

Bend, straighten, settle.

The dancer's bun.

There's something coming.

The judge is thinking, 'Nice layback.'

133 only looks like he is not wearing a shirt. He could probably pull it off, but the pins would really hurt.

See? 133 really is wearing a shirt. (Michael Nadtochi, Elena Grinenko)

Twinkle twinkle little star.

I am proud. I am confident. I am paso doble!

The organizers recognise Robert and Kerry Betensky for their generous support (plus they danced well).

Skill in a pink dress. (Yana Goldshtein, Natan Rositan)

Skill in a blue dress. (Agata Holody, Rafael Rositan)

Keep an eye on this one. She is going to be good.

Still twinkling.

My mind to your mind... (Michael Nadtochi, Elena Grinenko)

I am so hot. (Elena Grinenko, Michael Nadtochi)

I am so hot.

Here we discover that Michelle Officer can sing. Rather well too.

Michelle Lamb gets the kinks out. (Lucas Jaime, Michelle Lamb)

Michelle Lamb goes "Wheeee!!!" (Lucas Jaime, Michelle Lamb)

He's not dead. He's just emoting. (Elena Grinenko, Michael Nadtochi)

More general dancing

She competes later on.

The ever elegant Michelle Officer faces down the sparkly Ed Simon. (Ed Simon, Michelle Officer)

Michelle has a perfect leg line, AND she touches the ceiling. (Michelle Officer, Ed Simon)

The hair flying, the finger pointing, the feet and knees making graceful angles: look out Ed! (Michelle Officer, Ed Simon)

Empire State Dance Sport Championships 2000

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