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Little sparkles grow up to become big sparkles

Is there a breeze in here?

Michelle Officer and the rising star in the same picture!

What a day!

The winning formation team routine.

The Empire State Building

The Marriott

The Empire State Cows

Remember to breathe

The Logo

Cynthia Miller and Joe Wu stare into each others' eyes.

He holds her tight. (Yana Goldshtein, Natan Rositan)

On her way down for a split.

We will win. I can feel it.


Shall I whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Yes, whisper sweet nothings in my ear!

Blurry gold things.

More blurry gold things.

Gold things at rest.

Nobody move! I lost a contact lens.

Michelle Lamb shines (Lucas Jaime, Michelle Lamb)

Michelle Lamb on her way down for a split (Michelle Lamb, Lucas Jaime)

Nice leg line!

What is that other couple doing?

They pose on their way to winning.

Oh so elegant.

More leg lines

A vision in gold

The race is to the quick.

Looking toward the light

He dips, she dips.

Waiting for the scores

The winners kiss down the line.

Empire State Dance Sport Championships 2000

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