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Learn about Costume Design at Chamber Dance Project's latest "Evening with an Artist," Feb. 11 - 2/5/20 by Marc Apter
Works & Process at the Guggenheim presents a costume and dance commission Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung, March 25 & 26 - 3/16/18 by Michelle Tabnick
Brazilian Nites Events and Festivities — Spring 2009 - 3/20/09 by Sarah Hart
Fashion On Stage - 10/6/08 by Marian Horosko
The Pointe Shoe - 9/6/08 by Marian Horosko
Outfit Showcase at OnStageDancewear.com - All in Black - Are You Ready to Salsa? - 9/5/07 by Robert Abrams
Outfit Showcase at OnStageDancewear.com - Tan and Dark Khaki - For Serious Dancing - 8/29/07 by Robert Abrams
Outfit Showcase at OnStageDancewear.com - Pink and Grey - Strong and Soft - 8/22/07 by Robert Abrams
Outfit Showcase at OnStageDancewear.com - Grey and Black - Moves in Every Direction - 8/15/07 by Robert Abrams
Belly Dance Skirts at OnStageDancewear.com - 7/23/07 by Robert Abrams
Classical Ballet Academy to Present a new Hansel and Gretel with costumes by Tutus Divine - 4/9/07 by Robert Abrams
Clothing for Baby Ballerinas - 7/8/06 by Robert Abrams, Steve Weinrebe
Costumes by Tutus Divine at the Youth America Grand Prix 2006 - 4/21/06 by Tutus Divine
Giselle Peasant Pas De Deux from YAGP 2006 featuring costumes by Tutus Divine - 4/21/06 by Vam Productions
An Inside Look at the Costumes of the New York City Ballet - 1/23/06 by Robert Abrams
Reception in honor of Julius Lumsden at the Puccio Gallery - 2/20/04 by Robert Abrams
Flowers - 9/22/00 by Robert Abrams