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Los Angeles, CA
Luminario Ballet's Choose Your Identity Proves the Right Choice for Varied Entertainment - 6/15/19 by Joanne Zimbler
Viva Reyes Barrios' 'Forever Flamenco' - 5/28/19 by Joanne Zimbler
59th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration, Dec. 24 - 12/15/18 by Lucy Pollak
TAIKOPROJECT and Blue13 Dance Company Program Mixed Old and New - 6/26/18 by Jessica Abrams
Rhythmic Relations 2018: TAIKOPROJECT and Blue13 Dance Company at Hollywood's Ford Amphitheatre, June 23 - 6/18/18 by Lucy Pollak
Clairobscur's Supremacy Ride Revels in Contrasts - 3/29/18 by Jessica Abrams
Luminario's Winterriese at the Winter Gala - 12/15/17 by Joanne Zimbler
58th Annual Free L.A. County Holiday Celebration, Dec, 24 - 12/13/17 by Lucy Pollak
Fountain Theatre and the Los Angeles City College present "Freddy," Sept. 27 - Oct. 14 - 9/18/17 by Lucy Pollak
BellyDance Evolution's Jillina Carlano talks Scheherazade and Sinbad - 7/24/17 by Jessica Abrams
Savion Glover Sizzles at Hollywood's Ford Amphitheatre - 7/16/17 by Jessica Abrams
Luminario Ballet's The Last Supper Devilishly Good - 4/15/17 by Joanne Zimbler
BALLET HISPÁNICO To Perform At The Luckman Fine Arts Complex at Cal State, LA; Feb. 16 - 1/26/17 by Michelle Tabnick
57th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration at the Music Center, Dec. 24-25 - 12/8/16 by Lucy Pollak
La Danserie - Audience research report - 10/29/16 by Robert Abrams
enra's Proxima lights up the stage but not emotions - 10/25/16 by Jessica Abrams
Forever Flamenco Dazzles - 9/30/16 by Jessica Abrams
Versa-Style Dance Company gifts audience with Box of Hope - 9/21/16 by Jessica Abrams
L.A.'s Versa-Style Dance Company Presents 'Box of Hope,' Sept. 17 - 9/12/16 by Lucy Pollak
Ford Signature Series pairs Urban Bush Women with CONTRA-TIEMPO for evening of dance - 8/15/16 by Lucy Pollak
Forever Flamenco! returns to Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, July 23 - 7/4/16 by Lucy Pollak
Luminario Ballet Soars to New Heights - 4/30/16 by Joanne Zimbler
Pennington Dance Group Celebrates 15-years with Concerts March 26 & 27 - 3/15/16 by Lucy Pollak
Ballet Hispanico at Cal State LA, March 12 - 3/10/16 by Michelle Tabnick
Poor Dog Group's 'The Murder Ballad' was a Tale of Lust, Murder and Redemption - 5/3/15 by Jessica Abrams
Louise Reichlin & Dancers' Program Volleys Between Past and Present - 4/18/15 by Jessica Abrams
Zoe|Juniper's BeginAgain Mesmerizes - 3/31/15 by Jessica Abrams
BARE Dance Company's VENOMOUS A Wild Ride - 3/15/15 by Jessica Abrams
The Franklin Method Takes the Pain out of Ballet - 3/5/15 by Jessica Abrams
Allessandra Belloni Tells Tarantella's Tales - 2/9/15 by Jessica Abrams
55th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration on PBS SoCaL, Dec. 24 - 12/11/14 by Lucy Pollak
L-E-V's HOUSE a creative and sensory circus - 12/4/14 by Jessica Abrams
Lux Aeterna Program Defies Gravity As It Reaches For The Stars - 11/10/14 by Jessica Abrams
Lux Aeterna Dance Company's Jacob "Kujo" Lyons talks about the Company's Oct. 30 Show - 10/29/14 by Jessica Abrams
JazzAntiqua Dance & Music Ensemble Premieres "Song in a Strange Land" - 10/26/14 by Pat Taylor
Invertigo Dance Theatre's After It Happened No Disaster - 10/22/14 by Jessica Abrams
Yvonne Rainer's 'Two Works' Program at Getty Brings Beauty to Simplicity - 10/21/14 by Jessica Abrams
Three Exceptional Performances at DTLA's Grand Performances - 9/13/14 by Joanne Zimbler
NOW Festival: Program 3 - 8/18/14 by Jessica Abrams
Bellydance Evolution undulates in style through the looking glass - 8/14/14 by Jessica Abrams
'Dreams' the theme at REDCAT's NOW Festival July 26 - 8/5/14 by Jessica Abrams
Forever Flamenco! returns to Hollywood's Ford Amphitheatre Aug. 9 - 7/13/14 by Lucy Pollak
Studio series at REDCAT provides compelling commentary on contemporary life - 6/1/14 by Jessica Abrams
In My Corner to tell story of boxer, hoofer Joe Orrach - 8/30/13 by Lucy Pollak
"HOT CAT" Re-heats A Classic - 5/30/13 by Jessica Abrams
Heart Song beats to a loud "ole!" - 5/25/13 by Jessica Abrams
Heart Song to blend laughter with Flamenco - 5/17/13 by Lucy Pollak
Antics to present Illuminated Manuscript - 5/17/13 by Lucy Pollak
Ailey performance instills spiritual connection - 4/27/13 by Jessica Abrams
Donna Sternberg & Dancers explore the Science of Being Human - 4/27/13 by Jessica Abrams
Colabo Youth Dance Collective Launched in Los Angeles - 12/1/12 by Jeffrey Hoffman
L.A. Dance Festival - 4/14/12 by Joanne Zimbler
Keshet Chaim's Rhythm & Roots - 8/28/11 by Lucy Pollak
Donna Sternberg & Dancers presents Dis-Illusions II - 4/4/11 by Donna Sternberg
Luminario Ballet Fundraising Gala Opening Season 3 - 3/14/11 by Joanne Zimbler
Luminario Ballet Performance at Fundraising Gala - 3/14/11 by Joanne Zimbler
Jamie Nichols presents CELEBRATE DANCE 2011 (Promo) - 12/7/10 by Jamie Nichols
Dance Media Screen Innovations — The 9th Annual Dance Camera West Film Festival - 6/5/10 by Rachel Levin
Rina Mehta's Kathak Solo Review - 5/16/10 by Joanne Zimbler
The19th Annual Lester Horton Awards - 5/16/10 by Rachel Levin
Lula Washington Dance Theatre – Celebrating 30 Years - 5/15/10 by Rachel Levin
ExploreDance.com Press Release: Greater Los Angeles Coverage 2010 - 3/31/10 by Robert Abrams, Rachel Levin
Rubberbandance — AV Input/Output - 3/27/10 by Joanne Zimbler
Rosanna Gamson/World Wide — Tov - 3/20/10 by Rachel Levin
Contra-Tiempo 5th Year Anniversary Gala - 2/20/10 by Rachel Levin
50th Annual LA County Holiday Celebration - 12/6/09 by Lucy Pollak
Feet on the Ground/Aiye — Viver Brasil - 7/3/09 by Rachel Levin
"Saudade," A New Work by David Roussève/REALITY - 4/1/09 by Rachel Levin
Letter to the Editor - Celebrate Dance 2009 - 3/18/09 by Jamie Nichols
Tilly and the Wall Give Indie Rock a Tap Edge - 7/10/08 by Rachel Levin
Water, Water Everywhere – Local Choreographers Dive into LA's Scarcest Resource - 6/29/08 by Rachel Levin
Rubberbandance – An Interview with Victor Quijada - 5/7/08 by Rachel Levin
The Arianne MacBean Ballets — An Interview with Arianne MacBean - 4/30/08 by Rachel Levin
Modern Myths and Monsters — An Interview with Kate Hutter of L.A. Contemporary Dance Company - 4/4/08 by Rachel Levin
Space is the Place – A Roller Disco Party - 3/22/08 by Rachel Levin
Soundlessons - a monthly party with Hip Hop and beyond in LA - 2/23/08 by Rachel Levin
Forever Flamenco! - 2/19/08 by Rachel Levin
Women in Tap Concert - 2/11/08 by Rachel Levin
Ea Sola's Drought and Rain Vol. 2 - 1/26/08 by Joseph Mailander
Fourth Annual Improv Dance Festival - 1/23/08 by Rachel Levin
South Bay Ballet's The Nutcracker at El Camino College - 11/9/07 by Candice Davis
Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie L.A. Premiere Nov. 10 & 11 - 11/6/07 by Juliet Theodore
Xire! Celebrations - 9/18/07 by Rachel Levin
LADi 8 - The Los Angeles Dance Invitational - A Tribute to Stanley Holden - 9/15/07 by Rachel Levin
Screen Dance: A New Visual Language - The 6th Annual Dance Camera West Film Festival 2007 - 6/3/07 by Rachel Levin
Method Dance - World Premiere of Supercedure - 4/19/07 by Bradley Michaud
Spanish Flamenco Icon Sara Baras and her Ballet Flamenco Return to UCLA Live with "Sabores," at Royce Hall, Feb. 21-22 - 2/21/07 by Holly Wallace
Stephen Petronio Dance Company Returns to UCLA Live with Two L.A. Premieres Set to Music Recorded by Rufus Wainwright, Feb. 2-3 - 2/2/07 by Holly Wallace
A Place to Dance - Film screening hosted by Dance Camera West at the Los Angeles Film Festival - 6/26/06 by Rachel Levin
Purse on Pointe: Slipper Bag by Sous Sus - 5/27/06 by Rachel Levin
On the RIZE: Dancing Clowns, Krumping, and the Future of Hip-Hop - 6/30/05 by Rachel Levin
The Real Dance and the City: The New York City Ballet Workout - 3/28/05 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City: Visions of Sugar Plums - 12/21/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City - My Boogie Shoes - 12/11/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City - Dancer 007 - 11/18/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City - Groove is in the Heart - 11/14/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City - Halloween Dancing Queen - 11/2/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City - Shall We Dance? - 10/26/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City - Movin' Out - 10/11/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City: Tonight I'm Gonna Party (Like I'll Always Be 29) - 9/23/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City: Like a Virgin - 9/19/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City: My Big Fat Greek Festival - 9/12/04 by Rachel Levin
Dance and the City: It's all about finding the right partner… - 9/1/04 by Rachel Levin
Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen - 9/19/03 by Rachel Levin
High Five for The Chocolate Bar - 9/20/02 by Rachel Levin
Café Danssa - Brazilian and Balkan Folk dance club - 9/13/02 by Rachel Levin
DanceSpot Review: Firecracker - Indoor/outdoor Hip Hop party in LA's Chinatown. - 8/29/02 by Rachel Levin
Zabumba - Brazilian Restaurant and Club - 4/1/02 by Rachel Levin
DanceSpot Review: A Changed View of the World: Dancing Atop Los Angeles at 360° 9/26/2001. - 9/26/01 by Rachel Levin
Dancers versus Cheerleaders: Bring It On - 8/22/01 by Rachel Levin
A Night at the Chocolate Bar @ Gabah - 6/13/01 by Rachel Levin
Dance Film Festival - Call for entries - 6/11/01 by ExploreDance staff
Rudolpho's - 9/3/00 by Rachel Levin