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Adventures Abroad
Just another Sunday afternoon in Paris - 5/24/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Dancing With Fire in Playa del Carmen - 3/5/10 by Sally McKinney
Danse a la Lyonnaise - From Baryshnikov to Silk Tango: Where to see and make dance in Lyon this month - 11/2/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Paris Quartier d'eté festival: One reason not to leave the city this summer - 7/15/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Travel lightly and carry a big thermos - The unbearable heaviness of leaving Paris - 7/11/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Jane Avril by François Caradec - 7/9/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Le Refuge des Fondus - Just say 'Beef'! - 6/29/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Of gangs and gongs: Anthony Egea and Myriam Gourfink - "Soli 2", "Corbeau" - 5/27/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Say Fromage! - A tour de France in cheese - 5/27/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Apparitions - The Walls of Nadja or Ghost's Skin - 5/19/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Out in the Cold with Josephine Baker - 5/15/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Jennifer Muller | The Works Perform in China - 12/19/08 by Jen Peters
Flamenco en Argentina - 10/31/08 by Natalie Laruccia
Danzón Tuesdays at the Plaza de Armas in Veracruz City, Mexico - 9/22/08 by Roberta Sotonoff
Toscana Capoeira Workshop - 5/23/08 by Luca Postpischl
Salsa in Costa Rica - A Success Story - 3/12/08 by Jena La Flamme
Jennifer Muller | The Works - Destination Santa Cruz - Pre-Bolivia Tour Send-off Celebration - 4/16/07 by Robert Abrams
Jennifer Muller | The Works - Pre-Bolivia Tour Send-off Celebration - Flowers - 4/16/07 by Robert Abrams
Jennifer Muller | The Works - Pre-Bolivia Tour Send-off Celebration - Hymn for Her - 4/16/07 by Robert Abrams
Jennifer Muller | The Works - Pre-Bolivia Tour Send-off Celebration - Island - 4/16/07 by Robert Abrams
Jennifer Muller | The Works - Pre-Bolivia Tour Send-off Celebration - Momentum - 4/16/07 by Robert Abrams
Castro's Bar is Crowded on a Saturday Night but There is Still Plenty of Space to Dance - 9/10/06 by Robert Abrams
Video of Costa Rican Cumbia at Castro's Bar - All Formats - 9/10/06 by Robert Abrams
A Tour to Arenal Volcano - 9/9/06 by Robert Abrams
Pueblo Antiguo Show to benefit the Costa Rican Children's Hospital - 9/8/06 by Robert Abrams
Castro's Bar - Contender for Best Latin Club on the Planet - 9/7/06 by Robert Abrams
Moulin Rouge - 12/6/04 by Robert Abrams
Demonstrations of the Ecole de Danse - 12/5/04 by Robert Abrams
Adventures in Paris - the trip over - 12/3/04 by Robert Abrams
Royal Ballet - Requiem, A Wedding Bouquet, Les Noces - 11/8/04 by Robert Abrams
Swing dancing to the South London Jazz Orchestra at Club 100 - 11/8/04 by Robert Abrams
Still Life with Apples and Orange Soda - 11/7/04 by Robert Abrams
The Boston Tea Party at the 100 Club - 11/6/04 by Robert Abrams
Royal Ballet - Sylvia - 11/5/04 by Robert Abrams
From New York to London and back by way of Paris - 11/3/04 by Robert Abrams
Concluding thoughts on Dance in Spain - 9/21/04 by Robert Abrams
Sara Baras' Ballet Flamenco in Sueños (Dreams) - 9/12/04 by Robert Abrams
Melonera Festival 2004 - 9/11/04 by Robert Abrams
Salsa at El Son in Madrid - 9/11/04 by Robert Abrams
Flamenco at Torres Bermejas - 9/10/04 by Robert Abrams
Show me this Paso Doble - looking for dance in Madrid - 9/10/04 by Robert Abrams
School of American Ballet Workshop Performance - 6/5/04 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

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