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Robert Abrams
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Dance New York
United States
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New York
New York, NY

Dance New York's Showcase of the Stars 5

by Robert Abrams
November 10, 2000
New York, NY

Dance New York's Showcase of the Stars 5

November 10, 2000

- comments by Robert Abrams

- photos by Robert Abrams and Lynne Lubash

The dancers and the dances danced

Rosa ForandOscar BurgosRumba
Millard ChaingMichelle OfficerWaltz
Anna Marie and Robert FerrandoAlex Tchassov (not dancing here)Mambo
Jim Capizzi, Liz Cappizi, Pilar Downing, Ray daSilva, KayeDragan RanitovicPaso Doble Te Quiero
Judith NicholsAlex TchassovRumba
Rosa ForandOscar BurgosTango
Walter and RolucaWalter Levy (not dancing here)Hustle Free Style
Anna Marie FerrandoAlex Tchassov (choreographed by Gary Pierce)Foxtrot
Neoly Lika WilliamsOscar BurgosSamba
Vernon DuckettMichelle OfficerTango
Sally TchassovAlex TchassovSwing
Nina Rivera, Anges V. Rivera, Melissa L. Chamberlin, Leonid Siomkin, Whitman Field, Anil Jethmal (Salsa Class Int/Adv)Danny Ponickly and Amy ReichertSalsa
Robert AbramsMichelle OfficerWaltz
Katherine LeffertsOscar BurgosRumba
Wendy Sherman, Liane Onish and Judith NicholsEd SimonSpeciality
Chris Stephenson and Olga KinnardSamba
Ekaterina KellyOscar BurgosWaltz
Ms. Sweet and TitoImprov. Salsa
Millard ChaingMichelle OfficerCha Cha
Chris Nunes and Liane OnishWaltz
April TurgeonDimitrios DamalasCha Cha
Jennifer Klamaon, Jane Suh, Natalyia Paykin, Tayamah, Whitman Field, Roger Hsia, Scott Watanabe and Danny (Swing Class Adv)Danny Ponickly and Amy ReichertSwing
Chris Stephenson and Olga KinnardRumba


The evening starts with a group class.

Rosa Forand dances a Rumba with Oscar Burgos.

Robert Ferrando and Anna Marie dance a Mambo.

More Mambo.

Judith Nichols flies around Alex Tchassov in a Rumba.

Walter and Roluca dance a free style Hustle.

Roluca looks at the ceiling.

Roluca gets closer to the ceiling.

Alex Tchassov and Anna Marie Ferrando dance a Foxtrot.

Neoly Lika Williams dances a Samba with Oscar Burgos.

Robert Abrams and Michelle Officer prepare to dance a Waltz.

Michelle Officer and Robert Abrams dance a waltz.

The Waltz is complete.

Ed Simon fills in for Atlas while Judith Nichols lounges around the celestial orbit. Liane Onish waits her turn. This was a Theatre Arts type of a Cha-Cha. An amazing performance any way it is described.

Liane Onish goes on high. Wendy Sherman looks on.

Liane Onish goes even higher.

Wendy Sherman makes Ed Simon reconsider his decision to stop competing.

Judith Nichols, Wendy Sherman, and Liane Onish have the last word.

Robert Abrams and Robert Abrams.

Oscar Burgos and Ekaterina Kelly dance a Waltz.

Ms. Sweet, a Dance New York teacher, dances an improvisational Salsa with her friend Tito (from Puerto Rico).

Michelle Officer dances a Cha-Cha with Millard Chaing.

More Cha-Cha.

Chris Nunes and Liane Onish dance a Waltz.

This picture isn't framed perfectly, but it does show off the exsquisite detail in Liane's dress.

Dimitrios Damalas and April Turgeon dance a Cha-Cha.

When was the last time you had this much fun?

The performances were over, but many people danced until after Midnight.

Dance New York is located at 237 West 54th Street (3rd Floor) in New York, NY 10019 (Between Broadway & 8th Avenue). Their phone number is 212-246-5797.

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